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How to Use Instagram Stories Analytics?

Wish of getting more engagement and views on your Instagram stories? It all begins with knowing how to use Instagram stories analytics!

With more than 1 billion active users, the Instagram stories are becoming an amazing method for businesses to link with the new audience and boost engagement – also to drive high sales!

However, for creating a winning strategy for Instagram stories, you are needed to get a clear image of measuring your performance on Instagram stories.

Instagram insights explained
Instagram insights explained

So, how to decide what is working for you and what’s not?

Here are some outs and ins are mentioned related to the Instagram stories analytics including the meaning of each metric and how to use them for improving the strategy for Instagram stories. Fortunately, Instagram isn’t much complicated; however this doesn’t show that analytics are very simple.

So, let’s dig in and have a quick rundown about every metric linked with Instagram stories analytics and their advantages for measuring your performance.

1.      Impressions

The total amount of views that appear on a particular story are called an impression. They tell you if a user has viewed your story more than one time. It is a good metric for telling whether your content is engaging and valuable for your audience buy real instagram followers uk or not.

2.      Reach

The number of unique profiles which view your every story shows your reach. It tells you about the number of people that watch each part of the content that you upload. If the reach shows a decline, it can be a sign that it is needed to reconsider the content strategy. Carry out some research on competitor’s profiles, give a look at your own stories and try out some new stuff for keeping the audience engaged.

Following are a few ideas for making your stories more engaging:

·         Experiment. Play with various apps like beautify for your Instagram stories.

·         Use those features which are available at the fingertips. Luckily, there are some features available at hand for driving high traffic and more sales on your account.

·         Make high-quality video-based content. Rather than uploading only footages from an app in your mobile, spend some time editing and shooting your own videos. You may find that the audience prefers to see the cinematic content, which also gives you a more competitive edge.

3.      Taps Forward

The total amount of times a user has clicked rightwards for viewing the next story shows the taps forward. It can show that the user has skipped a story and moved to the next one or completed to watch/read a story and then moved to the next one. This metric is used to telling whether your content is engaging and valuable for your audience or not.

4.      Taps Backward

The total amount of times a user has clicked leftwards for reviewing the previous story shows the taps backward. This metric provides an amazing concept of how useful your content is for your audience. If there are many taps back on your post, this is an amazing sign of keep using this kind of content on your buy instagram followers & stories.

5.      Swipe Ups

These are one of the main reason that every person wishes of hitting 10k+ followers on their account. Reason? It is the only one place other than the description of IGTV videos and bio, where it is possible to include a link.

However, this feature is available only for the business profiles on Instagram who have reached the milestone of 10k followers.

After you become able to use this feature, the Instagram stories analytics get an option of tracking the number of times users have swiped up at your story. It can be a good way of seeing the content which is best for your website to drive traffic.

6.      Replies

When it comes to Instagram, it is all about making a community.

For building a successful community, you are needed to have conversations with the audience. If you post stories which motivate users for tapping the reply button and sending you DMs, you can boost the engagement rate easily.

Be sure that you keep an eye on the sort of content which can encourage your audience for reaching out to your brand.

7.      Sticker Taps

The stickers can have the location tags, hashtags or tags for mentioning other Instagram accounts. Within the Instagram Stories analytics, the amount of times people taps on the stickers that you used, is shown.

For instance, if a company pays you for mentioning it in the Insta Story, it becomes the measure of the efficiency of traffic driven to their account by you. Then, you can use this measure for showing such sort of results to the potential brands or clients so that they can expect good work if they choose you.


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