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How to Send a Fax Over the Internet for Free

Fax Over The Internet

Fax is often mistaken as something that was used in the past and not used today. Those who think like that are definitely not aware of the ultimate pros of fax and that it is still in use by a whole lot of people.

The fact that fax is an old way that cannot be denied as it has its origins from quite long ago in the past. However, thinking that this old method of communication is no longer used might be completely wrong. People who are used to sending their documents through fax will never get used to any other way.

Hence, these fax lovers continue to utilize faxes in their daily lives.

If we tell you that you need to have big and huge fax machines in order to fax, you would probably be laughing. Technology has advanced so much that big machinery has been replaced by a simple and small one, yet delivering the same purpose. Hence, it would be absurd to use large faxing machines at a time where tech advancements are being made each day.

Fax Over The Internet

As every field is being revolutionized, so did fax. As fax machines are no more advisable, so there was a need for a more compact solution for faxing that could make up for the fax machines and eradicate its need.

Faxing over the internet or online faxing is one of the new and advanced ways of faxing. An old ingredient of faxing and a new ingredient of the internet, both when combined produce the best of results. The Internet is readily accessible all over the world.

This makes the internet faxing a task that can be done whenever wherever you want.

CocoFax – Fax Over The Internet Within No Time

CocoFax is the best service if you are considering faxing over the internet. Through CocoFax. CocoFax excels in providing the best quality services so that you enjoy a pleasant and enjoyable faxing experience.

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You might now be thinking that why is CocoFax even required? Why not fax directly over the internet? Well, this is a question everyone asks. Don’t worry, we will answer it in the most effective way.

If you’re a little aware of how these things work then you might know that fax and internet are two completely different formats working through different mechanisms. Faxing works through telephone lines which in turn incorporate analog signals. However, the internet is a vast-spread platform working through digital signals.

For this incompatibility to end, there was a need for an intermediary fax service that could help with translating the work of the internet and faxing. And CocoFax is the only one that serves the purpose well.

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For more detailed info about CocoFax, navigate to this website. CocoFax is serving its customers all over the world and that is why it has a customer base of more than a million. You can use CocoFax to fax anywhere anytime. Popular media firms like the New York Times and Forbes have also praised its works.

Requirements for Faxing over the Internet

The requirements are not at all complex or complicated like the ones in the previous methods. There are just a few things that you need to take care of after which you can start your online faxing right away.

Here we have listed some of the things that are necessary for the purpose of faxing over the internet.

Internet-Connected Device

When you are thinking of faxing over the internet, the first thing you want to make sure of is that you have a steady internet connection at the place of faxing, whether home or office.

Moreover, the device you use for the faxing purpose must be connected to this internet effectively.

CocoFax Account

If you are using CocoFax as a medium for faxing over the internet, then you must be registered with it. That is, you must have a CocoFax account because, without it, you won’t be able to use its services.

Getting a CocoFax account is really easy and quick. Just visit CocoFax’s official site and benefit from the 30-day free trial. With this free trial, you get to use CocoFax services completely free for a month. When this free trial expires, you need to subscribe to any of the monthly plans offered by CocoFax.

Fax Number

Fax number is an absolute necessity for faxing. Whether you are using an old way like fax machines, or you are availing the advanced fax services for the faxing purpose, a fax number is something that is required in all cases.


However, that is nothing to worry about if you are making use of CocoFax’s services. CocoFax takes care of all your worries by providing you a fax number that is completely free of cost. You get this fax number at the time when you sign-up through the 30-day free trial.

Step-by-step Guide

Step 1: Sign-up is required hence that needs to be done first. Register yourself through the 30-day free trial and follow all the instructions till it is done.

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Step 2: Here you will also get the free fax number that we mentioned above. You can pick this fax number yourself from a list of thousands of fax numbers that CocoFax has. This way, you have a suitable fax number.

free trial choose fax number

Step 3: When your dashboard opens, click on the button of new mail and fill in all the details of your new fax.

The ‘To’ field will have the fax address of the recipient that is actually a mix of the fax number and ‘@cocofax.com’. The subject field will have the top note of the fax and the cover page will have the content of the first page of the fax document.

send fax online with cocofax

Attach the fax document and press the send button. You will also be notified about the delivery status, successful or failed, of your fax.


See, CocoFax is the only way through which you can send your faxes over the internet in an effective way. You should to start using CocoFax right away.


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