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How To Make Money In Real Estate Investing

How To Make Money In Real Estate Investing

When you invest in real estate, you want your money to work passively, creating more cash down the road. The rate of return you make needs to be enough to pay for your expenses and taxes. Whatever you have left is your return on investment.

Investing in real estate can be easy after understanding all of the complexities and setting up systems to deal with them. Then, you just purchase single-family homes or commercial properties, obtain money through monthly rents, and perhaps save the money to acquire additional properties.

If you want to invest in real estate, below are more details about making money in this exciting field.


Real estate appreciation means the property increases in value as the months and years pass. For instance, Texas has a growing economy, and many people move there.

This causes the number of available homes in large Texas cities to shrink. When there is more demand than housing supply, real estate prices usually rise.

Say you buy a single-family investment property for $100,000. Then, after three years, rising demand and other factors increase its value by $25,000. That’s real estate appreciation.

Earning money through real estate appreciation can be tricky; you need to have a detailed and nuanced understanding of the market where you buy. Some investors don’t recommend buying properties for appreciation as your primary goal. Earning monthly income by renting the properties is easier and predictable.

Cash Flow

This means you earn monthly income by renting or owner financing the property. For example, in the above example, let’s say you rent the $100,000 single-family home for $1,100 per month. Your mortgage is $600 per month, and real estate taxes are $100 per month.

This leaves you $400 in monthly cash flow. Of course, you need to put aside perhaps $100 of that for upkeep and repairs, but you have $300 per month in a steady income from one property.

Many real estate investors save the monthly cash flow from their properties over a few years and use it to buy more properties.

Also, you can rely on expert property management professionals to maintain your property and collect rent. This allows you to be a hands-off real estate investor.

Extra Income

The above types of revenue are the most frequent ways investors make money with real estate. But there are ancillary ways you can earn income, too.

For example, many apartment building owners use laundry facilities and vending machines to earn extra monthly revenue. Doing this allows you to have a ‘small business in each investment property so you can make more money.

You can offer convenience to your residents so they can get things done right where they live. And you can enjoy hundreds of dollars in additional cash flow per month.

Tips When You Buy Your First Investment Property

First, buy your investment property as inexpensively as you can. A damaging mistake many first-time investors make is spending too much to buy the property. When you pay too much, your mortgage will be higher than it should be, and it can be challenging to make money on the property.

Second, do plenty of research about neighborhoods in the community, so you buy a property in a rising neighborhood. It’s easy to get too wrapped up in the specifics of a property without considering the surrounding neighborhood.

Many real estate experts say it’s more important to buy a property in a good neighborhood than it is to buy the ‘perfect property.

Third, know what your costs will be for every property. You need to know what you will need to pay to fix the property to rent it, plus regular maintenance and repairs. Investors usually perform a detailed property inspection to check if the home is in good condition before the purchase.

If you remember the above tips and information, you are more likely to succeed in your real estate investing career.


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