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How To Download Instagram DP In Full Size and Original Quality

How to Save Insta DP

Have you ever wanted to download any of your friends or any of the celebrities’ pics from Instagram? Aahhh… we know that it is not always possible. Especially for the Instagram Display Pictures of a user’s account. That is because Instagram has put some restrictions and allowed its users to have the right of maintaining their privacy.

Thus, a user can restrict other Instagram users from downloading their DPs and other pics, too. This is done by using the special privacy settings given at the social media networking platform.

But what if you, with a good and positive reason, really want to have a DP of any of the users? Here enters the hero of this story. Which will help you have a pic (or collage of pics) from the Instagram account DP of any of the Instagram users? The name of this helpful friend is Instadp.

The information about this site and tool is given here for just the informative purpose and how it is used is the sole responsibility of the particular individual concerned.

Instadp – View Insta DP at full size – Instagram Display picture

How to Save Instagram DP
How to Save Instagram DP

Download Display Pics In Full Size

Instadp is a website and a tool that lets you enjoy the display photos posted by Instagram users all over the world in full size and original quality. It allows you to see images from the public as well as private accounts on Instagram. You can easily download the display pics here. But Instadp is no way linked with or affiliated with Instagram.

You might know the fact that the total number of active users on a daily basis using Instagram is over 500 million. If we count the number of videos and images shared here per day then we will get them as a big number like 100 million+. You must have wanted someday to look out for somebody’s Instagram DP in its original size but you couldn’t always. Instadp comes to solve your problem.

Whatever may be the user name, you can search it at the Instadp site. This site will let you see the pic in its original format and size. However small the drop of a user may, Instadp site helps you zoom it out. Instadp website is a nice tool for searching and getting anyone’s Instagram DP. The search bar is there at your service. The website is highly efficient when it comes to using it on a mobile device and no matter if you are using an Android phone or iPhone, it will bring you the best result.

Why do people use Instagram DP?

It happens when an unknown person sent you a follower request and you want to know more about him/her. The DP or the pics posted by him/her can give you some idea about it. Instadp comes to rescue the situation. It is too helpful to get the stories and DP of such unknown accounts. Using it, you get a chance to decide whether to accept the request or not. Instadp and Instagram story downloader tool there are always helpful in such situations.

Time may come that you have a romantic soft corner about a person. But before stepping ahead to talk, you want to know more about the person. Here too, Instadp is proven to be helpful. You can get the DP from the Instagram account of the person with the images shared as the Insta stories. Whether the person has made the account private, Instadp can let you have its DP and photos, that too, in full size and original quality. This is also true in case you are trying to get the stuff from any known public account.


Instadp has easy to understand, simple interface. What you have to do is to just type the username of the person whose DP you want to see and press enter or click the search icon on the bar.

Instadp will provide you the display picture in the same format as it was uploaded by that user. Further, you are always able and allowed to download the display picture without hassle. Using Instadp, any display picture belonging to any Private Instagram account, Public Instagram account, or Business Instagram account can be seen and downloaded with much ease.


The social media giant Instagram has reached #6 in the list of social networks globally from all languages. It has left behind many of the social media platforms which spawned before it and are much older to it. This is because visual material like photos and videos attract the human mind more and it prefers them than texting and chatting.

Studies reveal that six in ten adults have Instagram accounts. Whereas 72% of teens are active users of Instagram. So, you have come to know the extent of the popularity of Instagram. Thus, eventually, it underlines the need for a site or tool like Instadp.

Somethings about Instagram

Instagram is a social network platform that is owned by another Social media giant Facebook. It allows users to share photos and videos. It is one of the most used social networking sites and has more than 1 billion active monthly users.

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger created Instagram nearly 10 years ago. They launched it on iOS but later versions for Android and Windows were launched and became popular soon. Facebook acquired Instagram spending near about US$1 billion. The deal was completed in April of 2012.

As the popularity of Instagram is increasing rapidly, more and more photos are uploaded on the social media platform. The mark of 50 billion photos has been crossed recently and now it is heading to make the number bigger. Instagram is home for the photos and videos in the form of stories. Not just people like you and me all over the world use Instagram for sharing snapshots of the happenings in their lives but celebrities from movies, music, TV shows, sports, fashion, politics, etc. are in deep love with Instagram. Celebrities post their life events in the form of Instagram stories and people crowd on the platform to see and follow them.

Instagram Profile Picture Downloader App (Instadp)

Instadp doesn’t ask you for signing up or becoming a member. You just have to visit and use it. It is totally free. Instadp is easy to use the website but for the better ease of using, an app named Qeek for Instagram has been made available by it. The app has features of quicker searching and viewing pictures. It is available on both the App Store for iPhones and Google Play Store for Android phones.


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