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How to control PCB manufacturing cost breakdown

As the technology advances, the demand for PCB has also been increased. Developing a full functioning PCB assembly requires a lot of efforts and process to go through. Too many resources, a lot of steps to complete and numerous person hours are needed to spend on it.

As you proceed further with the project, every single detail needs to be checked to keep an eye on its contribution towards the cost. For doing so, here are some important factors that can help in controlling the cost breakdown of Ray PCB manufacturing:

1. Keep a check on the board size

The quality and cost both depend on the size of the board as a bigger board requires more resources and material.

2. Keep a check on the number of layers

The more the layers, the more the cost goes up. Multiple layered PCBs normally need more material and resources.

3. Reduce holes and size

Smaller holes in the PCB are usually created with the help of laser drilling. They, therefore, put some extra burden on the PCB manufacturing budget.

4. Get the project done on time

To reduce or control the cost, it is necessary to calculate the exact lead time and complete the project accordingly.

5. Keep a check on the thickness

The material thickness normally adds up to the cost. The more the thickness, the more the cost.

6. Board standard

It is yet another basic reason behind PCB manufacturing cost breakdown. The higher the grading of the board, the more the cost.

7. Solder mask color

Most PCBs are seen in green color. Why? Well, green is the standard colour of solder mask and even the slightest changes from this standard color may result in the rise of the cost.

8. Surface Finishing

It is one of the most important elements that is looked forward when buying a PCB for a project. Surface finishing is normally done in various forms. One can easily find out from hot air solder to gold finish, depending on the budget and requirements of the project.

9. Number of boards

Another important factor behind PCB manufacturing cost breakdown is the number of boards used in the PCB assembly. The more the number of boards, the higher the cost. Hence, when buying a board for a project, don’t forget to keep the requirements and budget of the project in mind.

10. Quality of the material used

Another significant factor behind the cost control is the quality of material used. The higher the level of quality, the higher the cost.

Conclusion The above-mentioned factors play an important role when it comes to PCB manufacturing cost breakdown. You can get the best services at reasonable price www.raypcb.com/ to see what they are offering. Hence, don’t forget to keep them in mind while proceeding further with the project.


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