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How to Conduct a Research Online

How to research effectively online

When hearing the word “research” what comes first to your mind? Probably, you think that it is very difficult and will really give you a hard time from generating ideas up to the stage of its completion.

Previously, when the internet was not yet introduced, completing an academic paper was a long process. You needed to have a lot of resources like encyclopedias, academic books, and other articles related to your desired topic.

How to research effectively online

It is really beneficial for us that we are already living with advanced technology and we can easily search for something using the Internet in just a couple of clicks.

The Internet is a large directory of information where you can use a lot of data, join different groups online, and use it for multimedia purposes. One disadvantage of using the Internet is, the published content might not be precise because it is based on the opinion and own information gathered by a user.

It is simple to make a search over the web. But, it is a bit complicated when it comes to creating a quality and decent online academic paper.

Here are the 5 tips to guide you in conducting and collecting the data throughout the process of your research.

1.  Describe your topic

Identify and make a list of the topics related to your research. Create a strong and good statement that will start the brainstorming process. Mind maps, decision trees, clusters, taking down notes and keywords are essential things to do and proven to be all useful.

2.  Determine the subject area of your online questionnaire

Coming up with research questions are important in the process of completing your project, thesis, or academic papers.

It will help you to improve your focus, figure out the things you want to discover, and achieve the goals of your work. You can use the books and journals provided by your school or make use of the information you can find online.

Remember to make sure of the reliability of the online data you gather. Below are some tips for creating a questionnaire:

  • Aim on a single issue
  • Should be specific
  • Simple to answer in a timely manner
  • Should be appropriate on the subject area

If you are working on a bigger scope of the study, you can use numerous questionnaires but all of them should be interrelated and target the main question of your academic paper.

3.  Use WorldCat

WorldCat is a valuable online research tool with over a billion collections from seventy-two thousand online libraries around the world. It is the biggest online catalog that anyone can use. It has a lot of basic functions and bibliographical data. Every time you are making a study paper, WorldCat is ready to assist you. Many professional research paper writers use it, so try it out.

4.  Know how to maximize the use of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an online source where you can search for any topic. But it is not a very renowned source because anybody can edit a topic which makes it cool yet, it is also exposed to the risk of misleading data. Still, it is a practical way to get information.

At the bottom of every page, Wikipedia also provides a list of citations, external links, and sources that they have used in completing the searched articles.

If you want to use the information from Wikipedia in your thesis or academic paper, remember that you should not put Wikipedia as your main source but use the sources and citations that are present from the reference list provided by Wikipedia.

5.  Ask a research librarian

It is a good idea to seek help as early as possible when starting your study plan. When a topic is given by your professor, you already have an idea what are your strengths in the subject area and also the weaknesses that you personally know that require expertise that you know you will be having a hard time doing so.

As a solution, you can ask for guidance from a research librarian. They are silently working in your school library and they are guiding and mentoring those students who need help with their research.

They can help you to broaden your ideas and understanding throughout the process. They are knowledgeable of the library system and can easily detect the books, articles, and other references that can be found in the library.

Research librarians can also work online. They can send the library resources that you need through chats, e-mails, and even video calls so that, they can still help you while you are doing your research at home or at any place at your own convenience.

As a student, you should know how to use the Internet in handling a school academic paper.

If your weakness is making this kind of requirement, then this is a huge issue. But there is always a solution for every problem, right? You can hire professional research paper writers to do this task for you. You just need enough amount required for their services and they will provide you a customized and plagiarism-free academic paper.


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