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How To Avoid The Most Common Workplace Injuries

Every workplace is required to have a set of safety norms that they adhere to. It is to keep employees and customers safe when they are on the property. No matter how careful the business and how seriously they take safety, accidents do happen.

It is up to everybody to try their best to stay safe and prevent getting sick while at work. Yes, it is the company’s responsibility to put measures in place for the well-being of their employees, but avoiding injury should still be part of every employee’s plan.

There are a set of common injuries that occur at many different types of business. Knowing what they are helping to actively avoid them happening to you. In this article, we will go over what several of those common injuries are so you can do your part to maintain a safe working area and avoid a call to a Phoenix injury lawyer.

How To Avoid The Most Common Workplace Injuries

Using equipment

Jobs that require using power tools are quite dangerous. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that each tool is properly maintained and is in good working order. However, there are things that the user of the equipment should do to make sure that an injury doesn’t occur.

Your employer will provide you with the proper safety gear to wear while using the equipment. This should be worn at all times and in the correct manner. Check your gear to make sure that you have it on right and that it doesn’t have any damage. Loose threads get caught in moving parts and can cause a major injury if it pulls the rest of your clothes into it.

Safety glasses should fit well and not have any damage to the lens that could make it difficult to see what you are doing. Lastly, your shoes need to be in good shape and not have any holes that could allow chemicals or anything else to get in and cause a burn.

Keep your workstation clean so the equipment is able to work as intended. If it gets dirty it clogs gears and impacts the performance causing it to become dangerous. Any clutter hanging around also leads to malfunctions when it falls into the equipment.

Lastly, don’t be distracted while operating machinery. Focus on the task at hand and avoid talking to coworkers or trying to multitask. Bad decisions happen when working machinery while distracted leading to a higher risk of an injury.


There is a safe way to go about your work. When you try to force something to happen problems arise. An example of this is if you are trying to lift something and not using the proper body position. Lifting should be done by using the force from your legs and not your back. Bending over to lift is a sure way to increase the risk of a back injury.

Use the buddy system when doing any kind of lifting or maneuvering of heavy objects to avoid overexerting yourself If there is nobody around to help then alert a supervisor to the fact so they can find somebody.

Working at a desk can also cause overexertion when you are not using a desk or chair that is ergonomic. Getting up from the desk to do some stretching will help prevent injuries. The best thing that can be done, however, is to request ergonomic furniture to prevent many injuries from sitting in badly designed chairs.

Slips and falls

A slip and fall injury can happen in any kind of workplace. While the management is responsible for putting safety measures in place, it is up to the employees to do their part in keeping the work area safe, as well.

For starters, wear footwear that features non-slip soles. A slick floor can go unnoticed and lead to a slip without the proper shoes. Even smooth floors can be slippery when they aren’t wet so proper footwear will help prevent the fall, to begin with.

As you work, be aware of putting things in the way where people are walking. When moving boxes, have a place to put them while you move that doesn’t impede an area where there is foot traffic. People won’t be expecting an obstacle and can end up falling over a box or other item.


Creating a safe workplace requires a culture of safety from top to bottom. It is up to everybody to make sure that people can go to work without the risk of illness or injury. Keep these tips in mind and stay safe at work.


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