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How to Attract Top Talent to Your Company

When researching ways to improve your company, one of the top suggestions is likely to improve your talent acquisition efforts. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you have a team of highly skilled individuals working for you.

But getting the best and brightest in the industry is much easier said than done. Everyone wants top talent, and if you aren’t prepared to meet current demands, your recruitment efforts are likely to be outbid by another company.

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How to Attract Top Talent to Your Company

If you’re struggling to attract the top talent for your job interviews, you might benefit from some strategy revamping. Here are some ideas:

Hire a Consulting Team

One of the fastest and most effective ways to improve your talent acquisition efforts is to simply outsource to the experts. You’ll develop a list of criteria for the position, and a professional search consulting team can help you find candidates.

Look for a consulting firm with a large network, experience in acquiring top talent, and, most importantly, a focus on the field for which you’re hiring. The most effective consulting firms don’t offer professional search services for just any field. They look within their field of expertise.

A consulting firm that specializes in financial and risk/compliance consulting, for example, would only help you find professionals in the HR, accounting, and finance fields. Their proficiency in this area is what gives you an edge against your competitors searching for the same talent.

Ask Employees to Help

Most people are surrounded by talent without even realizing it. Ask your employees to help you build up your network of potential talent through a variety of strategies. Here are some ideas:

Give your employees recruitment cards alongside their business cards to be handed out to anyone who might fit within your company culture.

Offer referral incentives to employees who refer to the brightest job candidates.

Encourage employees to share job openings on social media.

Make your employee experience amazing—they’ll continually rave about the culture of their workplace to friends and family, dropping seeds of interest everywhere they go.

Try to fill upper management roles from within first. When employees don’t feel slighted for a promotion, they’re more likely to help you fill other open positions.

Just ask. You might be surprised how many of your employees know someone looking for a job, and that person could be your next top talent.

Market Your Employer Brand, Values, and Culture

Although some employees are only in it for the financial compensation, most are looking for a better workplace environment. They want to be fairly compensated in addition to feeling like they’re contributing to something greater while be respected along the way. A great company brand can go a long way in attracting your best talent!

In your job descriptions, spend a couple of sentences discussing your brand, values, and culture. It’s important to hire someone who’s good at their job, but it’s more important to hire someone who fits in with the culture and values you’ve built.

The key here is transparency. You’re aiming for retention as well as acquisition, and it won’t take them long to realize if you were lying in the job description. That doesn’t bode well for your employees, and they’ll likely start looking for a company that has more respect for its employees.

Offer Flexibility

Stress statistics are through the roof with more than three-quarters of people reporting feeling stressed regularly because of work. There are many factors that go into this, but one is professional burnout, which occurs when employees are being worked too hard without enough flexibility.

The most talented workers are recognizing the value of joining a company that puts value on more than just financial incentives. They want to work with a team that prioritizes work-life balance and understands when you have an appointment or need to leave early occasionally to attend a family event.

It doesn’t hurt to step away from conventional working standards either. Rather than mandating a 9-5 workday, consider offering flexible schedules, including potential part-time remote work if it’s feasible at your workplace. It’s amazing what a little flexibility can do not only for attracting top talent, but also for getting the best out of them when they start working for you.


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