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How to accelerate your career growth in 2020?

How to enhance career development

Most people have resolved to make their new year better, and in 2020, that might prove to be true. The labor market is tightening with an unemployment rate of 4.7 percent, and the demand for skilled labor on the rise. Whether you remain a college graduate or an experienced profession, your career growth depends upon skill. Each year hundreds of students take high school diplomas online but fail to realize their potential for early career growth.

In this age of frequent job-hopping, where employers feel hesitant to invest in career development. Most individual employees likely to leave before their employers realize their learning.

how to enhance career development

How to enhance career development

In this aspect, career development becomes a significant part of an individual’s career development and workplace success. For ambitious employees, self-development is an effective way to progress along the career ladder. As ardent advocates of professional learning ourselves, we recommend some steps to grow your career in 2020, but it all starts with a high school diploma online.

Note that you do not need to follow these steps exactly as listed, different people have different phases. The same goes with the career development process during your ascension to self-development.

Plan out a Strategy First

When combined with the fact that almost one-third of the employees have complained about their bosses. They reported about their bosses not interested in their career development in any way.

This notion indicates that today, employees have to remain proactive in their career development aspect. Rather than assuming a regimented career ladder as in the past, you need to strategize what every position provides.

Focus on attaining a new skill set and improve the ones you already have. Start gaining experience with big market names and employers who stand out and, most importantly, build a strong support base. Planning your strategy is the first step towards triumphant ascension.

One sure-fire way of a successful strategy is to find a mentor to supercharge their network just as many entrepreneurs have done.

The benefit of a mentor lies in professional development, organizational culture understanding and development of new and clear vision. With the organizations that have no mentorship programs, rising employees have to act as the architects — thinking about mentorship increases the pool of diversity and organizational skills or experiences.

Mentors need not be a mature senior member; it can be either your colleague or a junior member. As long as they got some skill or knowledge to share, they can become a mentor.

Market Yourself

In this age, marketing your skills and knowledge helps you out in gaining new prospects and let others know about you. Modern-day career growth depends on how well you represent your personality and skills. Human resources look for potential keywords while scanning a resume or search for targeted candidates on LinkedIn.

Google searches also act as mechanisms for potential hires and identification. Therefore, it becomes vital for you to make yourself available and shine out from the rest. Make yourself your chief marketing officer to market your skills in the open.

You need to continually analyze, improve and adapt to the prospects of today’s job market. One of the most critical aspects of this marketing factor is to gain knowledge and constant learning. Short-term educational programs include webinars, educational fairs, and workshops.

While long term education means professionally focused degrees and corporate in-house training. Furthermore, an online presence is necessary for employees today, so they have a global presence for anyone looking for a suitable candidate for a post.

Make yourself available digitally and become more prevalent informing your credentials. Users who have an online presence are more likely to get the next step in their active career development.

Ask for Feedback

Ascertaining the strengths and weaknesses in your skills is a vital step towards successful career growth. As for feedback, no matter is positive or negative as it gives you to gauge your current proficiency. Asking for feedback, no matter how bad it affects your self-esteem, is a vital step towards improvement. An estimated 15% of employees ask for feedback from their seniors.

However, this small percentage of people are the ones that often successfully climb the ladder of success. In contrast to earlier times, today the workplace expects creativity, flexibility, and individuality from its employees. Rising leadership positions require employees to construct their career growth plans based on the feedback they receive.

Stories of top leaders show how they illustrate the prospect of mentorship, feedback, and successful career development. These leaders took their feedback as a driving force for shaping a personal persona and develop career skills. You can apply feedback to anyone aspiring to attain the highest level of career rise.

Communicate With an Impact

Effective communication, just like in all the other aspects of life, also has a considerable impact on professional career growth. The implications of disclosure are simple yet effective in terms of career measurement and significance. Consider your desired outcome in regards to your communication namely who you want to inspire.

Consider the mindset and expectations of the audience and communicate with them in the exact same way that resonates with their expectations. Be clear and concise in what you want to present, so everyone has a clear understanding of what you represent.

Practice delivering your message with a bright tone and body language using personal stories where appropriate. Impactful communication is a skill you need to develop for active career growth. This requires practice for a more extended period before getting a full grasp and perfection.

Develop Your Political Acumen

Fine-tune your political awareness as you start climbing through the ladder of leadership. Politics is a term typically perceived as unfavorable but it does not have to be so. Masterful politicians are the ones that achieve their agendas while retaining a positive environment all over. Like all the other skills, political acumen also needs time and practice to master.

You need to map the organization for all the power players included in decision-making and have popular views in the company. Next is to build alliances and relationships with the players that support your agenda correctly. Resect everyone on your organization and identify whom you can trust.

In turn, you need to gain their trust also to build a closer relationship with them. Be respectful and humble in branding yourself to build credibility to be the person people look up to for decisions and advice. Understand the social norms of the organization and pick your battles carefully.

Carefully plan your next moves that align with your agenda to avoid pitfalls and generate the desired outcome. Adopt the ones that resonate with your idea and reject the ones that do not.


Career development is a necessary aspect for your professional outreach and moving forward in life. Fear is a powerful emotion that stops anyone from taking a step and risk it all.

Move past your fear and stop hiding in the past as it often puts a cloak of darkness that prevents us from doing what we want.

Put your worries aside and start gaining momentum for positive career growth as your next resolution. Be mindful of your surroundings and identify who helps you out and who puts you down. In the end, everything depends on the persona and personality of a person regarding the preference for career growth prospects.


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