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How do I get at symbol on keyboard

how to type @ on keyboard

Symbol @ (at) is very important keyboard key which is  mostly  everyone’s using at the time during type email address destination, On same time if our keyboard at (@ ) key is not working or its absent then also we can type it by doing conjunction of some other available keys on keyboard.

You may be using different system keyboard  like as windows or Mac but no need to worry, Here you will get information like as what you should do in case you have Windows or Mac system and you want to type @

For Windows Operating  System (Common Used)

In windows operating system if your ‘@’ key is faulty or absent you can simply type “Ctrl + Alt + 2” or “Alt +2” you will get ‘@’ symbol. This keys conjunction will solve your problem.

For Mac Operating System (Commonly Used)

If you are Mac operating system user and you want to type ‘@’ Symbol, simply you should press ” Shift + 2 ” keys conjunction, you will get easily ‘@’ Symbol.

Here country wise and language wise variation also in keyboard , Now lets see on different countries keyboard how we can type @ symbol.

Spanish language keyboard in Mac system

On Spanish language keyboard in Mac system you should press the conjunction of ” Alt + 2 ” keys you will get ‘@’ symbol.

How to get Different countries and Languages wise ‘@’ symbol on Windows system keyboard.

1. On English keyboard in united states press ” Shift + 2 ” Keys conjunction.
2. For English keyboard in UK you should type Shift + ‘ keys conjunction.
3. On Spanish keyboard in Latin america you should use ” Alt Gr + Q” keys conjunction.
4. For international Spanish keyboard press “Alt Gr + 2″ keys conjunction.
5. For Italian keyboard you should press ” Alt Gr + Q” keys conjunction.
6. On French Keyboard you should use Alt + ‘a keys conjunction.

So, These are the different types of keys conjunction we can use to get ‘@’ Symbol on different kinds of languages keyboard in Mac and windows system. We hope this information will be helpful to you also you have understood this very well.


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