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How do companies prevent cheating on employee tests?

The future of learning is e-learning which a whole new portal full of opportunities and scope of development. The e-learning market has a market capitalization greater than $100 billion. However, with the rapid development of education technology, various supporting technologies have also seen a huge scope of development.

This support has come in areas such as video content, 3D models, and online exam proctoring facilities. Examinations that are internet based and completely machine monitored along with evaluation facilities have led to the development of new companies dedicated to the same.

How do companies prevent cheating on employee tests

How do companies prevent cheating on employee tests?

Online monitoring of exams is an essential entity for companies because they can monitor employees on a large scale.

The company doesn’t have to hire people for monitoring the exams successfully or use their own human resources for classroom tests. The certification industry is looking for web proctored exams where professionals can easily procure their certification without much hassle.

Many companies and firms are opting for solutions that are helping their candidates appear for their exams more conveniently.

The employees or appearing candidates can simply give their exam anywhere at any time and this allows the company to provide for those employees that travel all the time and don’t have enough time to sit for the exam in a classroom. The exam requires a webcam which can be found on several devices and platforms.

What is online proctoring?

It can be considered as a method of digital assessment where the exam can be given from anywhere, where the students or employees of the company can give the exam from any place.

The exam is monitored by software and the connection has to be fast and reliable. This means that when the exam is going on, the candidate is monitored through the webcam, which prevents all kinds of fraud during the exam.

The candidate appearing for the exam is monitored through the webcam of the laptop, the microphone that is used by the candidate, and the screen of the candidate which is accessed by the software.

The requirements of the exam include-

  1. A desktop computer, laptop, mobile, or tablet that will host the exam.
  2. A connection speed of more than 256kbps during the exam.
  3. A webcam and microphone that are in prim and proper working condition.
  4. A modern browser in the laptop or computer.

Problems with offline proctors

Classroom tests and offline monitoring and evaluation of tests has several limitations.

  1. The provision of a location that is close to the candidate appearing for the exam is a challenge faced by most organizations. The management of the same causes several problems and leads to the utilization of resources which can be put into other important tasks. The tests that are provided must be safe and protected from the hands of corruption and miscreants and controlling such malpractices becomes difficult if the company has to manage several centers for the test.
  2. The quality of proctors must be maintained no matter where the test is conducted. When it comes to classroom and offline tests, there is no record of how the proctor has done his/her job during the test invigilation. The proctor must be completely unbiased and is trained for student authentication and has to prevent the students from cheating in any way.
  3. Since there are limited centers for the test, the company has to manage several schedules and extend them to accommodate all candidates that appear for the test. The number of proctors is also less, which also extends the schedule of the company as they incorporate the availability of the proctor in the schedule.
  4. When the test is offline, several cases of impersonation also pop up. Cheating and impersonation is performed by students in order to ace the exam. They pay for other people giving the test on their behalf and also look for ways to get chits of paper in the exam with excerpts of the textbook inside. They also look for answers on their phones, look online for the solution, and take help from the friend to ace the test. This makes the company vulnerable to hiring the wrong person for the exam. The company gets the wrong notion of the person and considers the highest scorer for the job.

The company hiring online proctoring services can ensure that the true person is giving the exam.

Types of online proctors-

Live proctor service

This type of services requires a proctor that is qualified that monitors the appearing candidates through audio and video live feed with a screen that works in real time. The service provider ensures that the candidates are present in a remote location for the exam and red flags are raised when any form of cheating occurs.

The monitor can look after 16-32 students at a time. The local constraint of proctoring is eliminated and there is no need for an offline proctor as the software takes care of that task. However, the exam needs to be scheduled and a human involvement is required in this case. It is also not a scalable type of proctoring method and it is very expensive.

Recorded proctor service

The candidates are recorded during the test. An audio and video feed is stored which is then reviewed for cheating during the test. The company representative plays the feed quickly between a speed of 3x to 20x and raises red flags for any activity that has been suspicious throughout the test. The scheduling and location constraints are completely removed. However, this method is expensive and not scalable.

Automated proctor service

Artificial intelligence is employed in this service. This is the most advanced proctoring method. The audio-video feed of the candidate during the test is recorded but along with the recording, advanced audio and video analytics are used to monitor cheating during the test. If the candidate does not look into the screen or there are suspicious objects in the background that can be red flagged, then the software comes to know.

Online proctor is a great way to conduct exams without any hassle for most companies.


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