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7 Home improvement trends to follow in 2020

The world is always evolving, with new trends in every sphere of life, including home improvement. With modern technology bringing about better home security systems, house improvements, and new remodeling techniques, every property owner wants to keep up with the changing trends.

Technology has helped to fill the market with durable and aesthetically-pleasing home décor and remodeling options. You can now turn your property into a luxury home with a design trend of your choice.

Home Improvement Trends

Home improvement trends

Here are some of the home improvement trends you can follow in 2020:

Installing Smart Home Systems

This trend is currently creating a buzz in home improvements. Smart home systems help to improve your home security while saving on costs. They run on minimal energy and ensure that your household systems are automated.

Smart home systems are easy to control remotely using your smartphone. With integration from innovative features like Alexa from Amazon, smart home security will see a new wave of property enhancement this year.

Open Concept Floor Plans

Open concept floor plans make your home space look large, cozy, and flexible. The kitchen space is enlarged to accommodate more people without feeling congested. Open floor plans allow ample light in the home, making it more bright and cheery. You also have a flexible space for more furniture and seating space.

Having Accent Walls

Decorating your walls with accent walls helps to add a unique look to your interiors. Accent walls offer dynamism to your rooms look when paired with wallpaper installations. They also add dimension, depth, and color to the room.

Deeper colors such as black, gray, and navy are more dramatic and create depth illusions that make the spaces look large. Changing the wall color is not only fun but also a way of improving your living space.

High Ceilings and Ceiling Treatments

High ceilings are among the new trends for home improvement. They give the home a simple but elegant look. You can easily add some flair to your home without spending much on remodeling projects.

Unique ceiling treatments give the home a beautiful and luxurious look. You can add exposed beams, elegant crown molding, and woodwork to your ceilings or make vaulted, coffered, or tray ceilings. This will make your room look unique.

Home Office

As more people prefer to work from home, they tend to convert their home space into a working environment. It could be your dining room, den, extra kitchen, or bedroom you want to turn into a comfortable office.

New technology has made it easy for people to work from home. You can make your home office look elegant with beautiful furniture and green scenery, among other decorations. This will provide an enjoyable working environment, far from busy office routines.

Ample Lighting

You can allow natural light into your home with and more and larger windows. Enhancing your windows also ensures comfortable indoor temperatures, helping you to save money on energy bills.

A large window with white framing gives rooms a new look. There are different types of lighting including over island lighting, under cabinet lighting and kick plate lighting, and much more. We also have pendant lights that are stylish and add a personal touch to dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, and other spaces.

There are plenty of lighting options available in the market today. From rustic style lights to contemporary and modern options will make your rooms cozy and glowing.

Kitchen Improvements

You can make your kitchen space larger to allow for a family gathering. A versatile kitchen has ample space for appliances and dining. You can opt for commercial grade appliances such as steam ovens, apron sinks, and more. To enhance the security of your appliances, you can integrate smart technology and other security features.

Enhancing your kitchen with countertops will make them look luxurious. Having linear designs in your kitchen gives it a stylish and contemporary look and feel. They can be

incorporated in cabinet designs, wood look tiles, and countertops. Technology allows you to find impressive improvements that make your room special.


Home improvement trends allow you to experiment and upgrade your home through remodeling. There are DIY and other options that will take you a shorter time to carry out. Technology keeps improving, with more reasonably priced home improvement options in the market. This has made it easy to find materials that will transform your home this 2020.


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