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Here’s How upGrad’s Online Certification is changing the face of learning

In the era of technology, online courses have become a boon to new generation education system. Millennials have started adapting to this change and started taking a liking to online education rather than physically attending classes. Online classes provide great faculty from all over the world to help you grow in different fields.

Away from the hustle and bustle, you can learn anything from the comforts of your home. What else can be better when you get online certification for learning what you desire?

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What are the needs for online certification?

Here are 6 reasons why you should opt for online certification courses

1.   Convenience

Online courses are different from traditional college courses. Here, you can select the time and course according to your comfort. Once you enroll in any course you can have access to it 24/7.

They also provide access to e-library where you can learn from the vast variety of books. All this helps you to balance your study time with family time. Getting certification in what you love makes it convenient to gain experience without any extra effort.

2.   Pleasurable environment for opportunities

In traditional college courses, you have to leave your home and travel to reach the educational institute for learning. Many students skip classes because of the distance they need to travel for even one lecture.

Whereas for an online course you can directly get access from anywhere on your laptop or phone. At home, you won’t be embarrassed to ask anyone to clear your doubts. The certification for the same allows a pleasurable environment for upcoming opportunities and ideas

3.   Economically affordable

Online courses are cheaper than traditional college courses. They even provide you with books and study materials while in college you have to shell out extra money on these expenses.

Travel costs can be easily cut down and you can get recognized for what you’re learning without getting involved in regular issues of the traditional method of certification.

4.   Variety

“Knowledge is life with wings” William Blake has said. It gives you the wings to fly and conquer the world. Online courses provide you with courses leaving you free to choose any other field. For example, you can learn political science while pursuing engineering. Online certification helps to have a firm foot over your knowledge.

5.   Added qualification

While working in a company you may feel the need of learning something new which can boost your resume and land you a good job. Through upGrad’s online certification, you need not take leave to enhance your details in the resume. Taking out an hour or two is enough for your dream courses. On the way to your office, you may get time to scroll pages and watch videos and that is enough for you to learn new things.

6.   Increase in reach

Online certification provides easy access to new ideas and new people. Knowing different creative minds and experiences give motivation and inspiration to do something better. Mixing up of ideas generate platforms for innovative projects. You get various opportunities to connect to scholars across the world and their guidance too. Job opportunities get enhanced and you get to show your talent to the world.

Various online courses

Different courses are offered by upGrad are:

Data Science

Data Science helps companies understand large structured and unstructured with the help of advanced tools. This course can help you to become an important asset to the company. UpGrad’s help you get an online certification of different data science courses.

Product Management

Management courses have become popular nowadays. But management courses are really expensive and to pursue a degree from a renowned place can give you a cash crunch. UpGrad’s online course is boon to you as they are short-term programs and doesn’t have high fees. They provide you with online certification management courses from esteemed universities.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing connects people from all over the world. Every small or big company wants an employee that knows some digital marketing hacks and understands Google SEO. If you love work on how websites rank on Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and device strategies for it then you should opt for this course. UpGrad’s provides you online courses and certificates for digital marketing courses.

Software Development

If you are interested in software development, you can gain in-depth knowledge of it from upGrad’s online course. They provide you with online certification from a good university or college. You can also view the programming languages and tools that will be covered in the course. Hence, you can start learning from experts.

Machine learning & AI

If you have a bachelor’s degree in machine learning and want to continue for a postgraduate course then you can do it online. Online programs provide you with projects and study material for in-depth learning. Upgrad’s provides you with courses that give online certification so that you can add it to your resume.

Life insurance

Life is unpredictable which is why everyone invests in life insurance to secure their life and family. Another benefit of life insurance is that it helps in tax saving. A life insurance course will help you understand the basics and the concept of how life insurance work. UpGrad provides you with online certification with HDFC Bank and provides you with experienced instructors if you take up this course.


Online courses help you to explore your interests with expert knowledge. UpGrad is a platform that allows you to get access to these online courses and gain experience in that subject. They offer a vast variety of courses and provide online certification on the completion of the course. It helps in making your resume stand out from others as well.


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