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How to Select a Heavy Equipment Fleet Management System

Fleet management is not just for trucking companies or corporate entities which need to keep track of the trucks and cars in their fleet, it is also needed by companies which need to monitor their heavy equipment pieces. There are a number of tracking systems which are manufactured today for this express purpose, such as specializing in the tracking of heavy machinery.

Since the nature of this equipment often calls for it to be situated right on the site where construction is taking place, it’s very easy for there to be vandalism or even theft involved with this kind of equipment. A good tracking system will deter all this, and make recovery much more likely if such incidents do occur. Below you will be able to learn much more about tracking systems for heavy equipment.

Heavy Equipment Fleet Management System

How can you Track a Fleet of Heavy Equipment?

If you just have a single piece of machinery which you use for construction projects, it shouldn’t be too difficult to monitor that piece of equipment, and have a good handle on its whereabouts at any given time. However, if you have an entire fleet of heavy equipment which you have positioned at various construction sites throughout the region, that makes monitoring much more difficult, and you may want to consider an automated solution for that.

A fleet tracking device can be ideal for keeping tabs on the precise position of your expensive equipment, and will give you some kind of peace of mind when you have to leave the equipment unattended for any period of time. This is often when vandalism or theft can occur, and without a tracking device attached to your valuable asset, it might well disappear.

Every business owner is probably well aware of the risks of leaving expensive assets out in the field, where they might be subject to theft, vandalism, or unauthorized usage. By using a fleet monitoring system, that risk can be significantly reduced, and you can be aware of the movements of your valuable machinery at all times.

When you use a tracking system to monitor the position of your heavy machinery, you don’t even have to be at an office to find out all the information you need, since the tracking devices can be monitored from any location whatsoever, simply by accessing the system. This adds a level of convenience to the whole scenario, because you can literally find out what you need to know wherever you happen to be.

And if the unthinkable should occur, with one of your valuable assets actually being stolen from a jobsite, there would be little hope of recovery without having a tracking device inside which could pinpoint its location through all its movements. Another useful feature of a monitoring system is that they also have the capability of monitoring your workforce, so you know if mistakes or misuse are occurring with your expensive equipment.

When actions like these do occur, dispatchers or managers can quickly be alerted, and the employee responsible can be re-educated or trained to avoid such situations. This will allow you to recover your assets and equipment much faster than if there were no tracking system in place.

What to Look for When Selecting a Service

When you’re looking for a heavy equipment tracking system, there are a few features which you should be on the lookout for that will help you to choose which system is best for your circumstances. Of course, the objectives you have for monitoring your heavy equipment will also have a big impact on the kind of system you choose. That means before you even start looking, you should sit down and figure out exactly what you’re trying to achieve with any monitoring system for your heavy equipment.

Once you have a clear idea of your goals, it should be much easier to find a monitoring system which matches up well with those goals and provides you with the service you’re looking for. When you’re looking for a tracking system to monitor heavy equipment, there are some slightly different features which you need to have in your ideal monitoring system.

Primary amongst these requirements is a feature which will help you to prevent theft or misuse, since heavy equipment is frequently left unattended at a jobsite. The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that there are more than 11,000 thefts annually reported, and that in only 21% of these cases, the stolen equipment is actually recovered. That makes it essential to have a feature which prevents theft or misuse of your heavy equipment.

Here are some of the other essential characteristics to consider when you’re looking for a heavy equipment monitoring system:
Oversized Battery – you should ensure that any system you choose has been designed for long-term usage, and that it has a battery which will support long usage without a charge.

Backup Battery – thieves are sometimes aware of how to disable a tracking system as well as to disable its power source, so having a backup battery on hand can be a lifesaver.

Remote Ignition – ideally, your tracking system should have any remote ignition system, so you can turn the equipment off if you suspect misuse or theft.

Geofences – you can establish a geofence at the construction site where your equipment is, and then setup alerts if that equipment should ever leave the area.

Web-Based Tracking – with this capability, you’ll be able to remotely access your heavy equipment from any computer, at any location.
Cost-Effective – you should have no trouble finding a tracking system which offers you all the benefits and features you need, and which still does not have a major impact on your budget. This will offer you a great return on your investment.

Are all the Systems the Same?

Not all tracking systems are alike, and some are intentionally designed to include more or fewer capabilities, which of course will affect their pricing arrangements. In some cases, the simplest tracking systems are the size of a deck of cards, and can easily be hooked right into an OBD port on a vehicle. When much more data is desired from a tracking system, there’s usually a more complicated setup involved, because it will be necessary to integrate a number of sensors into your vehicle’s operating systems, so as to gather the desired data.

What this boils down to is that there will be different hardware and different software associated with every monitoring system, so when you’re shopping for a system, you’ll need to know exactly what you want to track in order to find a suitable system.

Selecting the Right Fleet Management System

As you can see from the above, there are many benefits to be derived from installing a tracking system in your fleet of heavy equipment, the most important of which is to discourage theft or vandalism, and to help with recovery if either of these should occur. When you’re ready to have a fleet tracking system installed with your heavy equipment, please contact us at GPS Technologies, Inc. so we can discuss your system needs, and consult with you about the right type of tracking system for you.


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