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Don’t Let Chauffer-Related Worries Weigh You Down – Get a GPS Tracker

Traveling in a chauffer-driven car comes with many benefits. You enjoy comfortable riding experience, as the chauffeur deals with road issues and parking struggle.

Having a chauffeur also helps your loved ones travel with greater ease and comfort in case they don’t wish to, or know how to drive. However, along with all the perks and conveniences, having a chauffeur also presents many challenges to you. From misuse of your car to jeopardizing the safety of your loved ones, hiring a chauffeur puts many concerns at the back of your mind.

GPS Tracker

Don’t Let Chauffer-Related Worries Weigh You Down – Get a GPS Tracker

Many of you may have already experienced or heard from others that chauffeurs, either out of habit or intention, may indulge in activities that may cause you loss or put your loved ones in danger. For this purpose, a few car owners have installed a GPS tracker in their car.

This device helps the car owner track the location of the vehicle from wherever they are. However, new and more advanced GPS devices have been launched in the market in the recent past, which offer you even greater sense of security.

Here we have listed a few situations when a driver may mishandle your car or cause your loved one’s trouble, and how a modern GPS tracker can help in different circumstances.

1. Puts Your Loved One’s Security at Stake

Your loved one’s security is of prime importance to you. That is why a GPS tracker should not just help you track their location when traveling with the chauffeur but should also alert you in case your car meets with an accident or the chauffeur takes the vehicle off route.

The chauffeur may even over-speed, putting your dear one’s life at stake. At such a time, while you may be physically away from your loved ones, but an alert of any kind will enable you to offer them some help or security at that given moment.

2. Uses your Car for Personal Use

Some chauffeurs often misuse the car by either taking it for doing personal tasks or using it for ferrying other people or acquaintances at your expense.

All this can lead to extra usage of fuel or mis handling of the car, without your knowledge. However, with an advanced GPS tracker that offers you camera and video recording, along with other tracking features, your chauffeur may resist from indulging in such practices.

3. Leaves the Car AC On while Sleeping

Another common challenge faced by car owners is that the chauffeur keeps the car AC on, for hours on end, while the vehicle is parked. Doing this may hurt the machinery of the car, reducing its life. Some advanced tracker devices also have the provision to send you alerts on instances such as these.

The chauffeur may even try to tamper with or switch off the tracker device. However, the real time alerts can keep you informed about any unusual activity that may endanger your loved one’s safety in any way.

Buy a GPS Tracker that Offers Comprehensive Security

With so many concerns related to a chauffeur-driven car, you need to ensure that your vehicle is well secured with the right GPS tracker device. One such advanced GPS tracker available in the market is the KENT CamEye that is designed to offer all the latest security-related features.

The KENT CamEye combines the benefits of dashcam as well as GPS tracker, along with providing you several other benefits.

It offers two-way camera and video recording, giving you a 360-degree view of both inside and outside the car, along with sending you real-time alerts, on instances when the vehicle exceeds the speed-limit; when the AC is left on in the parked vehicle, or when the chauffeur tries to switch off the device.

The video and camera recordings get stored on cloud and can be retrieved up to a specific period.

This smart device also has face recognition features and two-way calling option, meaning it can keep you covered against many kinds of unforeseen circumstances. This CamEye can assure you of your car and your loved one’s security up to a great extent, ensuring that your worries are minimized.

So, secure your car and your dear ones by going in for the right tracker device.


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