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Expenses to Consider for an Interstate Move

When you are considering an interstate move, there can be a lot of costs involved. It’s therefore important to understand what these costs are before making the decision.

This article will cover some of those expenses that you might not have considered when planning your move.

Cost of the moving company

The expenses of hiring professional movers will include the cost of the moving company, as well as any packing and storage that you may need. To know about how much does it cost to move in detail, check 9Kilo, this will also help you reduce the expenses.

Costs for this can vary depending on how many items are being moved or where they are coming from and going. For example, it could be around $900-1200 for a move within California.

Still, it would be more if your destination is outside California or across the country in another state such as Texas. Keep in mind these costs will also include other services such as insurance fees which we’ll talk about next.

Expenses to Consider for an Interstate Move

Moving Insurance costs

Moving insurance is particularly important when moving across states, as the cost of your items can be much higher when moving from one state to another. The insurance typically covers any damage or loss during transit and at the destination; it also includes coverage for personal property if something is lost or damaged.

Moving Insurance costs will depend on where you’re coming from and going to, but they range anywhere between $200-600, with most policies costing about $400 depending on what’s covered by the policy.

There is also an option of full coverage, which includes costs for moving and storage, but this extra cost is only worth it if you’re packing a lot of fragile items that can’t be disassembled.

Packing and Storage Costs

Most moving companies will offer you various options to store your belongings. They can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands and cover the cost for packing, transporting, unpacking, and storing items in their warehouse until they’re ready for delivery.

If you are considering hiring an independent company or using public storage facilities online, then these costs should be factored into your budgeting as well.

The amount that you spend on packing materials is also something many overlook, but it’s always best to have too much than not enough when it comes time to pack up all those tchotchkes!

Packing Costs include the boxes and bubble wrap you need for packing your belongings, the tape necessary to secure them.
Storage Costs vary from company to company but typically range anywhere between $25-$150 per month, with an average price being around $50-$90 per month.

Transportation costs

Don’t forget to include transportation costs in your moving budget. The travel expenses to your new home across the state or even across the country can be costly.

Transportation costs will vary based on whether you are looking at renting a truck or moving company, but an average rate for a cross-country move is around $10-$12 per mile!

If you are traveling to your new home via air transport, you need to consider the cost of airfare, car rental, and accommodations.

It’s a good idea to verify that the moving company you are considering has coverage for these types of expenses in your contract, so there are no surprises down the road!

Costs of accommodation, food, and beverage

The final major expense that many people forget about when they’re budgeting for their interstate relocation is accommodations.

Accommodations should include hotel stays (if needed) during transit days between homes, food expenses while staying in hotels/rental properties (gas station snacks won’t cut it), and beverages like coffee and juice from convenience stores or restaurant stop along the way.


When you’re moving to a new state, it can be hard to know what all the costs are going to be. You might think that your move is just one big expense after another, but there are some things that we recommend considering before committing to interstate migration. We want to make sure you get as much bang for your buck without spending too much money!


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