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How An eCommerce Business Should Prepare Before The Website’s Official Launch

eCommerce is only going to continue to grow around the world with more people realizing its convenience on a daily basis.

The ability to order groceries online instead of going out during rush hour or after work leaves more time to do other more enjoyable things. With juggernauts like Amazon testing out new delivery possibilities like that of drones, the eCommerce industry could change immensely.

Launching an eCommerce website is going to take a lot of detail-oriented work if the launch is going to be a success. A proactive approach is required as being reactive can lose customers as mistakes are not always forgiven by consumers in today’s world.

The following are tips to help prepare the launch of an eCommerce website to ensure it goes smoothly.

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Test, Test, And Test The Website Some More

The website needs to be top of the line as there are so many eCommerce websites that are extremely easy and convenient to use. There are consumers that will leave a site never to return if it freezes their computer or checkout seems to be buggy.

The last thing anyone wants is to have their information stolen by a phishing site so eradicating these bugs can help quell these fears. Phishing sites can have quite a few bugs and might not be as detailed as other legitimate websites.

Paying testers and companies that do testing is important as the use of the website needs to be perfect for customers rather than tech-savvy employees at a company.

Keep The Search Of Products Very Simple

The process of searching for products needs to be simple and intuitive for all customers, not just the tech-savvy ones.

Magento search speeding up and being more accurate can lead to more sales and conversions per person that visit the website.

The autocomplete feature being accurate and utilizing AI helps set certain extensions of this search apart from the competition.

Being able to understand consumer trends with these search tools can help an online store pick products that data says will be successful in terms of sales.

Creating A Buzz With Email Blasts Can Be Effective

Gathering email addresses through various tactics of potential customers in a niche can be a great way to generate sales as soon as the website launches. An email blast with a discount attached can be enough to spur the interest of consumers.

Everybody wants to get a great deal online so create a buzz among those that could be potential customers in the future. A referral reward system as getting the consistent customer number up will allow the eCommerce business to grow steadily.

Avoid sending these out too frequently as being marked as spam can lose quite a few leads as people do not want constant emails but rather a weekly email.

Social Media Can Be A Great Tool Before And After The Launch

Social media is one of the best ways to promote content and engage with others in the eCommerce niche. Different social media platforms are great for different types of eCommerce businesses.

A vacation booking website might benefit from Instagram in a far greater way than an online store selling business courses. Social media can also be a great place to answer questions before and right after the launch.

The right hashtags have to be used in order to expand the reach of content created to the site’s target demographic. Social media is free so the ROI of any sales made is nearly completely profit.

Create Blog Content To Publish Once The Website Is Launched

Creating content daily before the website is launched can allow the company to focus on the website instead of figuring out content creation during the first few weeks after launch.

This content should add value to the site and discuss themes relevant to the type of products sold on the website.

A hunting website covering the best-hunting destinations in the US or worldwide would be a great example. This can drive shares and backlinks which will help the website rank higher on search engines for particular keywords or phrases.

Podcasting can be a great form of content as it allows people to hear the voices and participate by commenting on social media with a specific hashtag if the podcast is being done live.

Going in-depth on certain topics can be difficult or boring to write/read but in the form of a podcast, this is much more manageable for most people. Keep keywords in mind when writing or even speaking as the podcast should also be transcribed into a written piece of content.

The toughest part of launching an eCommerce website is being patient enough to not launch too early. Eager entrepreneurs need to understand the importance of launching the best site possible on the first attempt!


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