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Earn More With Paid Surveys: Hacks You Should Know

Earn More With Paid Surveys: Hacks You Should Know

Some survey panelists bank hundreds of dollars monthly. Yet others have never cashed out since they joined the industry. Earning more is not by luck but by having a practical strategy and total commitment. In this super-competitive industry, earning more requires investing more time-wise.

How Much Can You Earn From Paid Surveys?

The majority of survey panelists earn less than $100 per month. In fact, only those doubling as micro-task specialists make over $100 every month. Although paid surveys don’t pay much, combining surveys with micro-tasks can earn you enough to sustain your lifestyle. Leverage your paid survey earnings with the following hacks.

Register With Multiple Survey Panels

To double or triple your survey earnings, increase your output. The most optimal way to do that is by joining the best survey sites to make money online. Sign up with survey panels you can manage comfortably, roughly three to four. If three panels could send you five offers each within 30 days, paying $2 per survey, you’ll earn $30. That’s an approximate amount. You could get more or fewer offers, depending on the panels.

Keep Your Profile Updated

Maintaining your profiles up-to-date can earn you more offers. Changing your job status, physical address, job type, and marital status increase your survey eligibility. Updating your educational background, especially adding a degree or skill you recently acquired, can make you eligible for higher-paying questionnaires.

Participating in unpaid member-specific questionnaires also increases your reputation. Ignoring those occasional surveys could reduce your odds of getting paid surveys.

Only Complete Short or Average-Length Offers

The long-form surveys promise better pay but are challenging to complete. Not meeting the requirements of these questionnaires can lead to disqualification. Although some panels will reward you with points, others offer no rewards. Sadly, many long-form questionnaires are demanding and will usually disqualify you.

Instead of risking long-form paid questionnaires, consider the short or average-length offers. They pay less but have fewer requirements. You’ll rarely get disqualified for taking shorter surveys, and although the pay isn’t good, you can handle more offers quickly.

Use Survey Routers

Survey routers are websites that offer extensive collections of paid surveys from different survey networks and companies. These platforms use artificial intelligence-powered bots to scrutinize websites and identify survey offers. After tabulating data from different panel websites, they match them to panelists per their profile specifications. The good thing with survey routers is that you won’t need to be a member of survey panels to access and complete paid surveys.

Offers are more when you register an account with credible survey routers. Panelists registered with top-rated and reliable routers experience fewer disqualifications. The offers they send are specially tailored for you. However, problems may arise when you don’t fill out your profile correctly. The surveys you’ll get will match your profile, not your abilities or qualifications.

Be Alert and Committed

Most survey websites alert members of new offers via email or phone number. Those with mobile apps often warn the panelist via popup notifications. For most questionnaires, you must be online to access and complete offers. Whether the panel website you register with sends surveys through email or popup notifications, having a strong internet connection is mandatory.

Have you ignored survey offers, and the panel stopped sending offers? Or did you complete past questionnaires incorrectly and got disqualified for future surveys? Whatever happens, if you fail to meet the company’s quality and quantity requirements, you’ll get disqualified from getting future offers. Maintain a good reputation on every survey platform you register an account with.

Be on time when responding to offers, and don’t lie about your personality and experience. Only change your profile when adding relevant skills or upgrading your educational achievements. Avoid all unruly habits that may make you disqualified from paid surveys.


Not everyone claiming to be a panelist earns money by completing surveys. Some are just members of certain survey panels who have never cashed out. The reason for not cashing out is not always because of low-paid surveys but because of laziness and failure to complete surveys accurately. It’s possible to earn ten times what other survey panelists earn from the same panels you participate in regularly. All it takes is to be alert, ensuring you complete surveys as they come while avoiding habits that cause disqualification.


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