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Yes, You Have to Plan All Your Actions in Advance: 4 Proven Reasons Why

Preliminary daily planning helps save 2 hours a day. This conclusion was developed by Brian Tracy, self-development and life management expert. And this rule works for everyone without any exception.

It can be used by elementary school pupils, college students, office workers, housewives — anyone regardless of their occupation, education, or the specifics of the plans themselves. This article will help you to find an answer to the question  – why should I plan all my tasks in advance and why it is really necessary for me.

Daily Planning Tips
Daily Planning Tips

1.  Life-Long Planning Makes You Responsible for Your Life

There is only one way to control and master your life. And this method is applicable to both daily and global tasks. This is a written planning method.

The habit of writing one page of the plan for one day eventually turns into the habit of planning your life, achieving your goals and moving towards new ones. This simple action allows you to be responsible for your own life. Even if some things happen contrary to your plan, its absence will guarantee that your life will pass under the control of other people or circumstances.

2.  Your Plan Will Help Not to Be Lost in the Sea of Tasks

In order to ensure that your life does not go separately from you, all your plans from going to the store to write a thesis or master’s dissertation should be documented. Modern technologies offer to do this in an innovative way, using special planning applications online.

However, if you are a supporter of the old school approach, a paper notebook and pen will also work. When the plans are only in your head, you are still in thought. You may find it difficult to start fulfilling your tasks. But when you put your thoughts on paper, you can work with them, edit them, so you get some “feedback”.

When we do not have a plan, we avoid the complex tasks that are really most important. When there is no plan, we tend to perform unimportant tasks.

We do what is unimportant, what does not move us toward the goal that we have identified for ourselves as a priority. Following a predetermined plan, it is much easier to get good results in the shortest possible time.

Writing plans allows us to realize our potential to the maximum, because it directs our energy in a clear direction, not allowing us to waste time and forces.

3.  Planning in Student Life Determines Success

The question of planning your life and your every day when you study at a university is particularly relevant. This is true because student life is striking in its diversity.

This is a busy life when you are involved in the abyss of new meetings and parties, but at the same time, this is the period when you make an investment in your life. This is an investment of your time and energy, and it is extremely unwise to let the learning process be unplanned.

And if it is enough to simply schedule a party, then the schedule of study requires a much more assiduous approach. Surely you know someone who never has time, and his unfulfilled tasks grow like a snowball.

This is the category of students who, in the end, shouts in panic, “help me with my thesis!” They would not be covered with a snowball of not completed tasks if they planned they are every working day in advance. Planning the tasks that you have to do yourself, and which you can outsource to the essay service should also be performed.

4.  Planning Is the Key to Increasing Productivity

Any successful person will tell you about this. Without a clear plan, of course, you can achieve your goal, but the process of its conquest will take much more time and effort.

The main message is as follows. If you do not control your life through its planning, someone else controls it. This is the thing that people call luck, circumstances, coincidence, but you will reap the result of all this.

Therefore, develop the habit of planning your day, week, month, year and life. And you will be able to say: “This is my life I have created for myself with my forces independently, regardless of external circumstances.”

We wish you keep your life and studies planned and predictable and be sure to ask us if you need help with your academic assignments!


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