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Construction Project Management & Other Construction Industry Trends on the Rise in 2021

In the first quarter of 2020, the world was forced to shut down due to the ongoing pandemic. While people went through self-isolation and social distancing, many businesses were forced to either downsize or shut down completely, causing the global economy to crash.

There are always two sides to one story- while the word was dealing with Covid-19 and adapting to changes, we literally stepped into a new area, also known as the digital era. The integration of technology is no longer confined to high-tech business companies.

Construction Project Management & Other Construction Industry Trends on the Rise

Construction Project Management

Today, everyone is part of the digital era, including the construction industry. Read on to learn more about X trends that will be on the rise in the construction industry in 2021.

Constructing Green

The pandemic has taught us about the uncertainty of life and reminded us about the importance of nature and going green. With the increasing global warming, construction companies around the globe are focusing on environment-friendly construction.

Also, customers pay close attention to how construction companies work and whether they are environment-friendly or not. That said, eco-friendly buildings are the new trend that will prevail in the construction industry in the upcoming years.

Typically, eco-friendly buildings are associated with massive construction costs. However, the government and politicians are playing a positive role in providing the larger construction projects with the much-needed funds. Constructing green is one of the top emerging trends for 2021.

Including Living Materials in Construction

Another interesting aspect of constructing green is the inclusion of living materials. Can you imagine working in a building that has been constructed with the integration of breathing organisms? How cool is that? With the help of living materials, any building can repair itself.

However, loads of research still need to be done before the inclusion of living materials can be put to practical use. This idea definitely looks like a scene from a far-flung sci-fi movie, but it is quite possible. For instance, E.coli and bacteria will be used in the making of construction material and minerals for different applications.

You can expect walls produced of bacteria that can mend the wall if someone pulls out a nail. This trend is definitely something that we all would want to keep our eyes out for.

3D Prints

Another innovative trend of the construction industry in 2021 is the use of 3D prints. You might have heard about the fully 3D-printed house that was put on sale in New York. The fabrication process of the 3D-printed house made it cheaper than its adjacent houses. The automated process of 3D printing will cut much of the costs that are part of the conventional construction industry.

Additionally, 3-D printed construction projects will take safety measurements to another level. Instead of depending on personnel and heavy machinery, and other technological equipment, 3D printing will leverage much of the complication while creating entire buildings with huge printing setups.

Integration of Construction Project Management Software

With the help of software, tasks can be accomplished more successfully—the nature of the project doesn’t change. The only thing that can be changed with the help of high-quality construction software, such as Jonas Premier, is that things are handled, managed, and executed more efficiently, thus saving loads of time and ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

As a construction project manager, you could look at the project management software like a crane. A crane replaces 100 people to move and transport concrete blocks. Similarly, the software replaces ten or more employees hired for management and documentation purposes.

The integration of software allows you to streamline the process with more accuracy.


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