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Call of Duty Warzone Beginner’s Guide: Basic Tips & Tricks

Most gamers start their modern warfare career with Call of Duty (COD) games and follow through with it as more battle royale video games are developed. There have been several publishers with akin gameplay designs such as PUBG and Fortnite, but when it comes to COD, we all have a separate appetite for that.

Since its release in March 2020, Call of Duty’s Warzone has taken the gaming world by an earthquake. The free-to-play battle royale game has revolutionized the gaming industry with its sharp design and graphics, advanced gameplay, and exciting modes (plunder, battle royale, mini royale). If you have never played a warfare game before, however, starting with Warzone could seem a little ambitious for you to begin with, but it’s not inconceivable.

Since you need to be the last man standing to come as the victor in this game and there will be 149 other players with an identical target, you need to know all the warzone aimbot hack to give yourself a chance to succeed. Today, we’re gonna guide you through the basic tips and tricks that you must know before beginning your adventurous journey in the world of Warzone.


First and foremost, you need to play smart. Make sure you don’t run on the streets aimlessly or stand on one spot for long. Play tactically, loot fast, use building and constructions for cover, and have a complete awareness of your surroundings.


Probably the most exciting factor in Warzone is its comprehensive and subtly devised map. The first thing you should do with your map if you’re new to the game is finding a less crowded place to land and waiting towards the end of the flight so you can jump out after most of the other players have docked. You’ll find a lot of looting spots on your map, but we’d recommend you to avert the larger interest points initially. Remember, being alive is the goal of your game, and the fewer people you’re exposed to, the longer you’ll survive and the better your chances of progress are.


Teamplay and strategic coordination are very essential here and the ping system makes it easier for you. Make sure you take full advantage of it by pinging weapons to help your teammates, locate the loots, or hitting the button twice to alert your squad of your nearby enemy’s whereabouts.


Instead of band-aids or medkits, Warzone contains automatic health regeneration. If you’re shot, just wait a few seconds afterward to have your health regenerated automatically. Use the advanced armor system for your survival. At the start of each game, you’ll have 100 health and two armor plates and you can equip up to three armor plates at a time to bring your total HP to 250. You should rip the full leverage that your armors provide and try to haul extra in case you get shot. In addition, don’t forget to wear gas masks as long exposure to the green toxic gas would kill you.


The first time you die in a game, you’ll be sent to the Gulag where you’ll get to fight someone else who died in your match. You’ll respawn back right in your game if you win this battle. However, you’ll remain dead on defeat until one of your teammates earns enough money to buy a redeploy for you. You might be familiar with the respawn system from other games before, but this one is quite unique and amusing.


As mentioned, if you’re in the gulag and can’t beat your one-on-one opponent there, you’ll rot there unless one of your friends revives you with cash. The same holds in your friends’ cases as well. So, you should always split the cash from your loot among your mates and ensure everyone has enough dough in case an emergency arises.


As there are affluent opportunities to earn cash in Warzone, there’s also plenty you can spend it on. You can buy essentials like armor plating and self-revives at Buy Stations. Spending on these will make you a better-equipped player and give you an extra edge over others.

Be watchful around these stations though as these are hotspots for foe activity and are more likely to attract camping snipers. Moreover, you can loot unused killstreaks from your dead enemies.


The game offers plenty of transports for getting around, but all of them are considerably loud. This means riding on one makes you a prime target for shooting. If you must use them, park up at the edge of play zones to avoid falling right in the middle of a crossfire.


These additions offer randomized objectives in a match. There are bounty, scavenger, and recon contracts which include bonus cash, extra experience towards your battle pass, and upgraded loot, etc. You can find these contracts in the plunder mode too.


You can kill your opponents in the air in Warzone. Just by opening and closing your parachute gives you a weapon that can be used to kill. You can ruin your enemy’s plan and get a head start using this technique.

If you’re into shooting games, you should be well familiar with the Call of Duty (COD) games by now whether you’ve played one or not. If not, you must give Warzone a try and savor this amazing experience. Just remember to use the hacks above and follow the warzone aimbot hack accordingly.


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