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Bose SoundLink III review

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III are portable speakers that offer good quality sound. They are better than its predecessor when it comes to sound quality, aesthetics and battery life. They are loud despite of their small size. The new speakers have auxiliary input too.

The drawbacks of Bose SoundLink 3 are that they don’t have speakerphone, so you won’t be able to make and attend calls with it, and they will need an AC adapter for charging and don’t have any micro USB charging port.

They are expensive too, costing around $544 but you can also try applying available AliExpress Coupons today. Bose is a famous brand and their quality is worth it. Let’s see the features of these speakers and conclude whether they are going to be a good choice or not.

Design –

The new Bose SoundLink III Bluetooth speakers have a wider design with dimensions of 5 inches X 10 inches X 2 inches and their weight is 3 pounds. The cover of these speakers convert to stand and it looks very classy.

The base is flat. The built is durable and strong with an elegant design. It is expensive and it feels like one as well. If you are planning to use the speakers indoor and won’t be using them when you travel, you might not need any extra cover.

If you have plans to take this portable yet loud speaker to some pool side, there are covers available. Cover will come with a zipper and it can easily be removed too.

These Bluetooth speakers pair smoothly with phones. Once paired, it will automatically connect to your device if your Bluetooth is on.

There are physical buttons on it for volume control, for muting the device and to switch to auxiliary input.

They won’t provide you any cable but you will be able to connect non Bluetooth devices using the auxiliary input. They haven’t made any play or pause buttons and there is no remote to control tracks either.

So, you will have to use your phone when you want to switch songs.

There is no USB port provided to charge these speakers. They don’t have speakerphone capability. This might not be a trouble to some but this feature makes calls very convenient. Like its previous model, this new model also will use an AC adapter when it comes to charging.

There is one micro USB port on the backside of the speakers but it not meant for charging and is for future upgrades. This is disadvantage as you will have to carry an extra charger with you for these speakers.

If you lose the charger, you will have to get a new one and you can’t go for a commonly available micro USB cable.

Performance –

The sound quality is better that the previous models. Being small in size, the speakers work impressively well. Bass quality is good too.

The sound is more detailed with better clarity and bass texture. Vocals and acoustics both stand out and are dynamic and clean. At very loud sound, bass can occasionally seem subdued.

If you casually listen to music and aren’t much of a brand conscious, there are plenty of affordable options in the market that provide a decent quality at lower rates. But Bose SoundLink 3 surely have good quality and are highly portable at the same time.

Battery –

The new Bose SoundLink 3 model can last up to 14 hours with a single charge. Its predecessors, like SoundLink Mobile Speaker and SoundLink Mobile Speaker 2, lasted for around eight hours.

Thus, the battery boost is a highlighted feature here. This makes them very convenient for traveling and outdoor use. You can also try some other best gadgets online with amazing Snapdeal Offers today.

Conclusion –

Portable speakers’ competition is getting increased day by day and newer models have come in the market at affordable rates. With an improved battery life and sound quality, Bose SoundLink 3 is a good choice if you plan on spending over $500 on Bluetooth speakers.

You can easily find good speakers in the $200-$300 range, like Logitech UE Boombox and Sony SRS-BTX500. There are many more affordable models in the market but Bose’s products are high quality and durable.

They are always a great choice if you can afford them. It is good aesthetically as well and can be used as both wired and wireless speaker. This makes a better choice amongst its competition.


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