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Best Way to Learn Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have literally dominated the technology sector today. The fourth industrial revolution has already created a buzz and it will alter the way humans live, work, and relate to one another. This digital revolution is evolving at an exponential pace and disrupting almost every industrial sector worldwide. The impact of AI and machine learning is already being experienced in the form of its applications like self-driving cars, virtual assistants, drones, and software performing facial recognition.

Best Way to Learn Machine Learning

Machine learning, an important subset of AI, is the science of enabling machines to learn like humans and improve through experience. It uses statistical analysis to identify hidden trends and patterns in large datasets. You can experience machine learning at work when you use mobile apps like Flipkart, Netflix, YouTube, and more. The product or service recommendations that they show you are powered by powerful machine learning algorithms.

With growing digital transformation, the usage of machine learning is only going to increase and gain attraction of many professionals who are looking for a challenging career domain. Employees are ready to upskill themselves primarily by taking online courses like Simplilearn’s AI and Machine Learning courses and seeking better career opportunities in AI. If you too are embarking on a career in machine learning, then online training is an effective first step to get started.

This article lets you know about the top online courses that you can take to gain expertise in machine learning. So let’s dive in!
Top Online Machine Learning Courses

Machine learning can be a complex subject for beginners to grasp, so it is necessary to learn it from reliable sources and gain the relevant skills. If you haven’t tried online learning before, here are your top choices for choosing a machine learning program.

Post Graduate Program in AI and Machine Learning by Simplilearn

You won’t have to think twice about selecting this course as it is offered in partnership with the prestigious Purdue University and in collaboration with IBM. It is a comprehensive 12-months program (5 to 10 study hours required per week) which helps you learn all the important concepts like Python programming, statistics, machine learning, deep learning networks, NLP, and more. Additionally, the program offers Purdue Alumni Association Membership, JobAssist program, GPU enabled labs to work on over 25 industry projects, industry-recognized IBM certificates, and capstone projects.

The 450 hours of blended learning of this program is divided into the following courses:

  • Python for Data Science
  • Data Science with Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning with TensorFlow and Keras
  • Advanced Deep Learning and Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing and Speech Recognition
  • Reinforcement learning
  • AI and Machine Learning Capstone Project

Machine Learning Specialization by Coursera

Offered by the University of Washington on Coursera, this machine learning course lets you gain experience in prediction, classification, clustering, information retrieval, and apply those algorithms to real datasets. The specialization duration is 7 months and would require you to spend 3 hours per week. The top skills covered in this program include data clustering algorithms, decision trees, deep learning, regression analysis, Python programming, and other machine learning concepts.

The specialization consists of 4 in-depth courses:

  • Machine Learning Foundations: A Case Study Approach
  • Machine Learning: Regression
  • Machine Learning: Classification
  • Machine Learning: Clustering and Retrieval

The specialization is also inclusive of industry projects that need to be completed to achieve the certification.

Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree Program by Udacity
Knowing about the advanced machine learning techniques and algorithms is easy with this training program by Udacity. This 3-months long program (requiring 10 study hours every week) helps you learn how to package and deploy machine learning models in a production environment. For this program, it is recommended to have a prior knowledge of Python programming and intermediate understanding of machine learning algorithms.

The entire syllabus of the program is divided into the following sections:

  • Software Engineering Fundamentals
  • Machine Learning in Production
  • Machine Learning Case Studies
  • Machine Learning Capstone

Additionally, you’ll get to work on real-world projects, technical mentor support, and personal career coach and career services.

Machine Learning Course by EdX

Columbia University has designed this machine learning course that spans a total of 12 weeks with 8 to 10 study hours per week. This course gives you a clear understanding of topics like classification and regression, tree classifiers, EM algorithm, K-means, hidden markov models, support vector machines, and more.

A basic understanding of calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistical concepts, and data manipulation is required to take the course. On completing this course, you’ll gain expertise in supervised learning techniques for regression and classification, unsupervised learning techniques for data modeling and analysis, and optimization and inference algorithms for model learning.

Machine Learning Crash Course by Google

Learn directly from Google researchers by taking this machine learning crash course with TensorFlow APIs if you are an aspiring machine learning practitioner. The course involves 15 hours of in-depth video lectures, real-world case studies, more than 30 exercises, and interactive visualizations of algorithms in action.

You’ll learn basic machine learning concepts like how machine learning is different from traditional programming, loss and how to measure it, working of gradient descent, validating the effectiveness of a model, and building a deep neural network. The entire syllabus of the course is divided into 25 lessons.

Before taking this course, you must be comfortable with statistical concepts and Python programming. Google also offers tutorials to help you understand the basics required for this course.

Summing Up

Machine learning is growing at a fast pace and if you have decided to learn it, better do it soon and make the most of career opportunities available in the job market today. These courses would definitely give you an ideal start and you would be able to land your dream job by mastering relevant machine learning skills. So, why wait! Check out the course curriculum and decide which one best suits your needs. After completing the course, you would soon see yourself stepping into the shoes of a machine learning engineer.


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