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Best place to buy Facebook likes

When it comes to social media, everyone wants an improved number of likes on Facebook because people are way too crazy about it all. There are many people who flaunt their enormous number of likes, but if you don’t want to show off anything, you can go off-grid and hide the number of likes. Many people think that hiding their likes will ask for private photos, but that is not true. You Want Buy Facebook Likes and if you want to want to hide your likes, follow our given tips and procedures that we have added in this article.

Best place to buy Facebook likes

Best place to buy Facebook likes

However, before we move to hide the number of likes, we must know what type of Facebook likes are there. So, to provide you with all the essential information, we have added everything in details;

Types of Facebook Likes

Whenever you are setting up your profile and visiting the edit profile section on Facebook, you will see numerous options or we may say categories such as games, movies, music, television, books, athletes, sports teams, restaurants, interests, food, inspirational people, activities, sports, websites, clothing, and much more. These are the different types of likes available on Facebook.

However, no matter what you want or irrespective of the procedure you adopt, you cannot hide the individual things that you have liked. However, when it comes to the category level, you can surely control that. This means that you can hide the categories which you have liked, such as the sports teams category, but you cannot hide that you like the individual page.

How To Make The Likes Private

If you don’t want to tell the world what you like and what categories you have liked, you can hide it all easily, we have added the procedure in the section below. Have a look and follow all the steps precisely;

  1. First of all, log onto the Facebook account
  2. At the top left corner of the page, you can see your profile picture, click on it
  3. Your profile will open and select the “More” option, and a menu will pop open
  4. From the list, select the “Likes” option
  5. Then, select the “Manage” option, and you will be able to see the pencil icon by the “add likes” option
  6. Click on the “Edit the privacy of your likes” from the menu
  7. There will be ahead and shoulder icon and in front of it will be a triangle option, and you will be able to select the category
  8. Then, select the privacy level and choose the settings you like. For instance, there is a public setting which allows you to share your likes with everyone, there are friends setting which will enable you to share your likes with the friends, friends except acquaintance which helps the users to share the likes with limited friends, and there is only me option which will hide all the comments
  9. Once you have chosen the “Only Me” option, click on the close button and your likes will hide

As we have already mentioned that there are several privacy settings available, but still, no setting will allow you to protect the individual page, and you can only hide the categories. There are chances that more advanced privacy settings options will be added for the likes in future.

However, there is so much time to that, and unfortunately, you cannot hide the fact that you have liked some video of a goat dancing (the video might be fun, but your friends will not let you live peacefully that you watch such stuff).


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