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Benefits and ways to use geometric tolerance in manufacturing

Geometric dimensioning and Tolerancing is a measurement that helps in manufacturing the product properly. In the manufacturing industry, it is always said to measure twice and cut once. That means the measurement should be right before you cut or manufacture the product. With tolerance, the products can be manufactured very smoothly and the manufacturer can get a high-quality end result. That is the reason why companies like gd&t always use tolerance no matter what they manufacture.

Benefits and ways to use geometric tolerance in manufacturing

Benefits of using geometric tolerances

There are several benefits of using tolerance in the manufacturing industry and some of the essential benefits are listed as follows:

  • Parts fit: When you use tolerance properly all your parts fit well no matter whether it is a sliding fit or a press fit. However, there are some manufacturers who use to apply their own standard of tolerance to non-tolerance dimensions. But this process may not be applicable for all types of products and so the manufacturer should decide which process should be used.
  • Reduced cost: When you manufacture a product there should not be any ambiguity in the measurement and if you are unable to specify the exact measurement exactly then you will end up manufacturing a product that you will be unable to use. But if you use tolerances then such kinds of ambiguity will be out of the question and hence it becomes easier for the manufacturer to manufacture the product. In case the product requires to be precise it is important for the manufacturer to use the tolerance for getting a high level of precision. As a manufacturer, you must take appropriate tolerance for getting the right measurement. For example, in case you use tight tolerance unnecessarily then either product will be inappropriate or will be too expensive.
  • Enhance the fit as well as the functionality of parts: Even a small error in the measurement can totally damage the product or can decrease its value in the market. Hence, it is very essential to define tolerance whenever the company makes any product. In case there is a small variation or mismeasurement then the whole product will become useless or incompatible. Thus with tolerance, every product is measured with the highest level of precision that can enhance the fitness and functionality of various parts of the products.

Step to consider when applying tolerance

There are several things that you need to consider when you apply the tolerance for measuring the exact size and dimension of the product and the first thing is to get clearance to fit. Before you apply the tolerance it is very important to give a clearance fit that will make sure that the product will not expand due to heat. It will also ensure that the product will not slide for getting better positioning and it must also have a better holding capacity. Thus, you must get a tolerance for getting fit for expansion, fit for getting better positioning, and fit for holding capacity.

The following are some steps that you need to follow while applying the tolerance:

  • Identifying the tolerance that matters: The first thing that you need to do is to tell the engineer exactly what the end product should be. The engineer needs to know everything about the end product so that it becomes easier for him or her to understand the end product.
  • Perform cost-benefit analysis: If the tolerance is tighter the end product will cost more. Hence the main aim is to make the tolerance loose so that the complexity can be reduced and the manufacturing time can become less.
  • Consider the materials: There are many materials that either gets expanded or contracted when it is exposed to the different level of temperature and moisture. That is the reason it is important to know which materials will expand and how much they will expand so that you can decide how much the material should be cut for making it perfectly fit after contraction or expansion.
  • Consider the tool: Different manufacturing tool has different capabilities and so the engineer you must know the tool that will be used and capacity of the tool.

Thus the geometric tolerance is very essential for manufacturing a product precisely.


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