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7 Of The Best Canva Alternatives For Easy Graphic Design

7 Of The Best Canva Alternatives For Easy Graphic Design

Canva has rapidly shot in popularity, especially among non-coders and non-designers, mainly because it’s easy to use. Even if you have never written a line of code, you can create almost anything with Canva. From social media designs and landing pages to apparel designs, you are only limited by your imagination.

While Canva is a great tool, it’s not for everyone. For example, if you are looking for a much cleaner interface or unique features, you might have to try another tool.

If you are in such a situation, you might wonder if there are Canva alternatives you can use instead. Well, you are in luck as there are several alternatives you can go for. They include:

Adobe spark

Adobe spark has plenty of impressive features that make it an excellent Canva alternative. It’s part of the Adobe suite, but with it, you don’t need InDesign or Photoshop to use it.

It’s free, and for more features, premium plans are cheaper than Canva.

Adobe Spark lets you easily create responsive websites and short animated videos.

The most unique thing about Adobe Spark is the branded stories feature. Using this feature, you can add your main brand assets, such as fonts, logos, and even colors, and create a simple template collection for your brand.

Since Adobe Spark is an excellent Canva alternative, you might be wondering whether it will give you the service you are after, right? Well, Adobe spark isn’t for everyone. For example, if you are a non-designer and you are after a tool that has everything on hand at all times, Adobe spark isn’t for you.

Adobe spark is ideal for you if you have a design background and can create a beautiful design using the bare necessities.


Visme is more expensive than almost all the other Canva alternatives, but this is for a reason—it’s focused on complicated designs such as marketing documents and infographics. It’s also an excellent tool when you are looking to generate charts and widgets to share within your company.

With over 2 million stock photos, tens of features, and over 13 million customers, Visme is a perfect Canva enterprise alternative.

Besides being a beast in its capabilities, Visme is extremely easy to use. Even if you have never used a design tool before, all you need to do is to watch a few tutorials, and you start working.

Like Canva, Visme has a free version that limits you on photos, templates, and designs. To access more of these, you must go the premium way.

Due to its ease of use and plenty of features (especially the paid version), anyone can use Visme. Whether you are a social media manager, digital marketer, visual content creator, or graphic designer, Visme is for you.

Design Wizard

Design wizard is the perfect Canva alternative if you want to create static graphics or short videos. Although the tool focuses on static graphics and videos, it also has social media templates that you can use to produce your social media assets and presentations.

While the tool is a great alternative, it has its fair share of shortcomings. For one, it doesn’t have plenty of design elements. There are also no data visualization tools, illustrations, or icons.

These flaws make the tool only best suited for those after simple visual assets rather than looking to get deeper into the technicalities.


Crello has plenty of templates that come in many styles and formats. Inside the library, you find plenty of animated illustrations you can apply in different areas.

You can do almost anything on Crello that you can do on Canva, making Crello the perfect alternative when looking for some change.

Since they are from a different provider, the images on Crello are different, giving you a fresh look. The stickers are similar to those you see on Instagram stories, which are different and make it easy for you to create Instagram posts later.

You can use Crello to create business posts, but the design tools are more fun, making it a challenge to create professional posts. While this limits how professional you can get, it makes an excellent source of social media content that can be anything other than professional.

As much as anyone can use Crello, it’s best suited to those not looking for visualized data. It’s also not ideal for those who need to maintain a serious and professional image, as they will have difficulty creating that content on the platform.


A stencil is probably the easiest tool to use as it’s based on one idea—using a background image and placing text over it. You can add images, shapes, and even icons to your designs. The editing features on the tool are easy, and you won’t have a problem using them even if you have never used the tool before.

The tool allows you to add quotes to give your design some exciting features. Once you choose a quote, it is automatically added to the image you chose for the background.

Are you looking to create content fast without requiring additional tools? Stencil is the tool to go for.

While it’s a great alternative, its major flaw is that it lacks animation, video backgrounds, and interaction capabilities. If you are looking for these, try another tool.


Snappa works exceptionally well when you are making graphics for profile pages, social media, and blogs. Since it’s cloud-based, you can access it anywhere with an internet connection.

You can access all the resources with the free plan, but you can only download three images monthly. To open more downloads, you have to go premium.

The paid plans are a little more expensive than those on Canva, but you get more unique editing features that make your graphics more interesting. If you are an Apple user, you get retina displays that help create more interactive experiences.


Are you looking to create your graphics from scratch? PicMonkey might be the way to go. The tool provides a wide selection of design features, the most notable being the photo retoucher that makes your graphics stand out.

If you are interested in creating professional-looking graphics and need to do some photo retouching, this is the design tool for you. Whether you are a blogger, startup, or small business owner, you will have an easy time using PicMonkey.

The tool is excellent, but it’s not designed for data-driven users, so if you are an academic, PicMonkey won’t give you what you are after. Try another tool.


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