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7 call of duty warzone tips for surviving longer

Call Of Duty is an online game in which Windows and consoles are used to fight the Battle Royale on a grand scale. Around 150 players can play this game and keep the battle on till only one player or team survives. Due to the larger number of players included in this game, it is tougher to survive than PUBG and Fortnite. However, if you follow some tips, you will survive longer on the battle field. Let us look at these tips.

Avoid staying out in the open for a long time

It would help if you stayed in the buildings instead of being out in the open for too long. This is because you will get spotted and fired at by enemies. This is because in the open, you become vulnerable to enemy fire from all sides. It is advisable to move through buildings and stay in and around them for longer periods of time. Try to spot hostiles through the building windows.

Don’t get into needless confrontation

You don’t need to kill loads of enemies to be able to survive up to the last 10-15 players. So it is not advisable to go towards the sound of gunfire to engage enemies when you should be moving away from them. If you deliberately run into hostile situations and take on danger then it will most probably get you killed.

So the idea is to not get into too much action during the game. If you want to survive longer, stay away from the hotspots where there is a lot of gunfire and take on hostiles only when necessary.

Stay close to team mates

If you are playing squad games, then you should make it a point to stay close to at least one of your teammates. They will be able to revive you, and you can do the same for them. This will ensure that your squad stays in the game much longer.

Use the heartbeat sensor

In the tactical gear in Warzone, the heartbeat sensor is a favorite for many players. This is a tablet like device that shows you the approximate direction of nearby enemies with beeping dots. The detection range of this device is small but invaluable because you will come to know when hostiles are close by and protect yourself.

This is especially useful when hostiles are standing quietly in a building which you are about to enter. The heartbeat sensor will immediately warn you that there is danger in entering the building.

So make it a habit to pick up heartbeat sensors when you find it in chests. This will as it will help you avoid surprise ambushes in buildings. You can also add this device to your load-outs which will help you to pick them up from both standard crates and load-out drops

Save some cash to buy teammates

It is allowed in this game to buy back your teammates at buy stations. The price of one teammate is around $4000 and your teammates can also buy you back in the same way. So keep cash ready so that you can buy back for your team members to make your game stronger. It is also a good idea to save some cash for your teammates if you can see that they don’t have the cash to buy you back in.

Overall the Call of Duty: Warzone is a game that will give you a lot of fun and serious gamers. This game is user friendly and has grown in popularity fast. There are other methods for you to stay in the game longer, and you will learn them as you play. I hope this article provided you some information that you were not aware before. And in case you want to learn more about some cheats and hacks then visit AimClub’s website. It will provide you with many tips to stay in the game longer.


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