Amazon, as we all know, is one of the most common e-commerce platforms where you can find all the products that you could need. Amazon is the market place that is open for all the new bees who want to start their business.

The process of commencing the selling of products is too simple and convenient on Amazon. One needs to spend a few minutes to join by signing up on Amazon as a seller and can start listing the products on site.


This implies that Amazon believes in drawing a wide choice of sellers on its platform by making it easier for the fresher to start their online business without any hindrances.

However, the opportunity to sell on Amazon should not rely solely on the natural process of signing up. Various other crucial factors need to be considered before selling on Amazon FBA. We have segregated

6 most essential things that you should look for before starting with Amazon.

1) Highly competitive market

One should remember the fact that if it is easy for you to sell on Amazon, then the same thing goes with your competitors as well. Amazon allows multiple sellers dealing in the same product to list their own products on the site.

Therefore, it is pronounced that the marketplace is highly competitive, and thus profit margin eventually goes down. All the sellers selling the same product cannot charge the prices that are too less or high from its competitors. The prices in this situation generally remain stable, and margins are comparatively low.

However, if you are featured on Amazon with your product, then you can gain an advantage over your opponent. If you are looking for comparing Amazon selling machine with marketplace superheroes, you refer here.

2) Selling by FBA

FBA stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon,” which is a program that applies to all third-party sellers.

In this program, the sellers have to send their products to the Amazon fulfillment centers where their merchandise gets stocked by them. When customers make purchases through FBA, Amazon is responsible for shipping and providing service to the customers.

This helps the seller to focus more on other aspects of business, and Amazon itself does the major work. Also, in this way, you can reach the customers who avail Amazon prime offers, which ultimately lead you towards gaining the buy box advantage.

Now, when next time the customers browse for the product, your name will appear first. You can also charge a higher price as now you have established your reputation in the marketplace.

3) What type of merchants gets highly benefited?

Knowing about the products that are getting the most benefit from the Amazon FBA is extremely important. Dealing in these types of products can boost your sales and profit to a great extent. Some of the products that receive benefits are:

Unique product:

It is undeniable that if your company makes a unique product i.e., its product. As a result, they will gain advantages over others as there is very little competition that needs to be faced by them. For instance, if a company makes its unique jewelry, then it charges the price of its choice and can gain more profit.

Merchants selling used products:

Amazon allows the sellers to resell the used products at a lower price. The merchants selling the used products can also gain to a great extent. There are various customers that more sensitive to the costs and are less concerned for the time of shipping.

4) Shipping methods

Amazon doesn’t allow the new business people to use all the shipping methods. For instance, they cannot use the two-day shipping alternative for their products.

However, selling through Amazon FBA helps sellers getting an allowance to use any shipping method. The prime users have this advantage of getting their parcel in two days without any additional shipping charge.

5) Reviews

When selling on Amazon, reviews decide your ranking. You need to take care of the quality of your product and have the ability to persuade your customers to give positive reviews on the page. In case you adopt any unfair means such as paid and fake reviews, then Amazon automatically suspends your company on its site.

6) Policies

There are various policies that one should look over before going for selling through Amazon FBA. Some of them are:

  • Product detail page reviews
  • Shipping rules
  • All the term and conditions
  • Agreements
  • Activities that are prohibited for the sellers


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