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6 Reasons to Consider Buying an EV for Your Business

6 Reasons to Consider Buying an EV for Your Business

If you need a car for your small business, should you buy an internal combustion engine vehicle or an electric vehicle?

It seems as though everybody’s going electric nowadays. And you, too, might be interested in joining the EV revolution. More makes and models are available, driving ranges between charges are climbing, and the EV charging infrastructure is improving.

Whether you get a car with a gas or diesel engine or buy an EV is up to you. But here are six reasons to consider going with an EV.

Reduce Fuel Costs

According to one source, the average fuel cost for a traditional car is $1,117 annually, while the expenses come in at only $485 annually for an EV. If you have a business vehicle, one of the most significant expenses is fuel. But you can save a ton going with an EV.  These vehicles typically come with route planning software to ramp up efficiency.

Less Maintenance

Another reason to consider buying an EV rather than an internal combustion engine car is that the former generally requires less maintenance. Since an EV has a battery rather than a gas or diesel engine, you won’t have to worry about oil changes. The only fluids EVs have are brake fluid, coolant, and windshield washer liquid. Lower maintenance costs can result in big savings.

Avoid Wasting Time at Gas Stations

When it comes to business, time is money. So, you won’t want your drivers to spend too much time and money at gas stations. They have places to go, people to see, and things to do. If you buy an EV for business purposes, you might never have to stop to fill up on the job. Buying an EV with sufficient range can reduce instances of going to public EV charging stations.

You can install an EV charging station at your place of business to avoid public charging stations. It’ll make it easier to recharge your EV.

Become More Environmentally Friendly

If you want your business to be a better environmental steward, consider an EV. EVs won’t produce harmful emissions or require fuel. So, your company can lower its carbon footprint and establish itself as a protector of the environment by joining the EV revolution.

You Can Boost Worker Satisfaction

Studies routinely show that workers want their employers to prioritize sustainability. One source notes that around six in 10 employees would be more likely to ply their trade for a sustainable business. Going electric can improve your company’s reputation among talented workers.

Monetize EV Charging

Another way you can benefit by going the EV route is by monetizing EV charging. If you buy an EV for your business and install EV charging infrastructure, you can make money by charging customers and others who wish to use your EV charger. It can be an option that differentiates your business from neighboring businesses since consumers may choose to patronize your operations while their EVs are charging via your EV chargers.

These are some reasons to consider buying an EV for your business. It might be one of the best investments you ever made. Insurance is usually higher for EVs than for gas or diesel cars. One reason for this is the higher price point to repair an EV after a collision that causes damage.

In addition to fixing the vehicle through the insurer, you’ll want to contact a personal injury lawyer if an accident leads to any injuries. Getting injured in a car accident is no fun. It makes sense to explore what help might be available to you.


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