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4 Effective Ways Technology Can Help in Scaling Your Small Business

4 Effective Ways Technology Can Help in Scaling Your Small Business

As a small business owner or startup, one of your ultimate goals is to scale up within the shortest possible time. Yes, you’ve gone through all the needed processes, including securing the needed funds. After consulting the agent giving out executive office space for rent in Phoenix, you already have a Phoenix office.

Now that you’ve started operating, your next dream will be to scale up and have branches in other areas. But without planning and the involvement of technology, achieving this target will be very challenging. Most small business owners do everything themselves due to the lack of funds to hire extra hands. This makes them unable to focus on core business duties like implementing strategies for growth. However, proper planning and employing technology can take turn this around. From building a strong website to SEO services, here are some ways to use tech in scaling your small business.

When to scale a business

Every business is scalable, but not all can sustain scalability. Before scaling your business, you should consider whether it can sustain its growth and associated demands. Can the business handle increased demands, new customers, and financial obligations without financial distress? Only scale when you see the following signs.

  • The business has a steady cash flow and doesn’t require external funding to sustain its operations.
  • When you are unable to meet customers’ demand
  • When you have strong, repeatable sales.
  • When you reach a stage where you continue to turn down lucrative business offers or new deals.
  • When you achieve and surpass all previous goals and targets.

Using technology to scale your business

Technology has taken over everything, including the way we do business. As such, you cannot rely on old and manual ways if you want to stay competitive and grow your business. Here are some ways technology can help scale your business as a small-scale business.


Running your business alone means you will have a lot at hand every single day. From administrative duties to marketing, not forgetting personal commitments, you will surely be stressed out; business growth may be out of your consideration. But with automation, most of your daily tasks will become simple and less stressful and increase productivity.

All you need is to invest in software and apps that can do administrative duties like bookkeeping, accounting, receipt and invoicing, and emailing, among others. So instead of manually entering data, automation can make the process easier and save you precious time. This gives you enough time to concentrate on key areas of your business.

That aside, automation makes employees work more effectively with less time to increase productivity.

Use tech in marketing

Although the traditional forms of marketing are still relevant and effective, there is a larger market on the internet. More and more people are using the internet daily; hence, you can reach thousands of potential customers using digital marketing, email marketing, referrals, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing, among others.

For example, you can use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, among others, to reach thousands of audiences through targeted marketing campaigns. After setting up your business page on a chosen platform, make sure to be engaging and reply to inquiries timely. Make more insightful posts to attract followers. You can then run marketing campaigns on product promotions, new products/services, or brand awareness campaigns.

If you are into buying and selling a business, you can scale virtually without stocking physically. When orders are made online, you just alert your supplier to send those orders. We recommend that you hire a professional for your tech marketing strategies.

Create a responsive website

Many people prefer to read more about a brand/business online before patronizing their services. A website gives the business/brand that needs an online presence for customers and potential customers to access reliable information about your business. This also provides you an edge over competitors as websites easily create leads that turn into sales.

Your website must be professionally built, very responsive, and provide answers to frequently asked questions. It should have detailed information about your company, including address, location, telephone number, email, etc. The services or products you sell must also feature prominently on the website, with details about each.

If you are a trading business, make it possible for customers to make orders and payments on the website. Service-providing firms can also enable clients to book appointments. As such, the website should have a strong firewall and enhanced security to protect customers’ data.

Build customer database

In this competitive business environment, small business owners and startups have no option but to go the extra mile to keep customers happy. This is critical in improving customer retention, which is very critical in scaling the business. One way to achieve this is to build a customer database.

Building a customer database helps you to keep track of them, understand their needs, and reach out to them whenever possible. With a strong database, you can send relevant content and promotional marketing content to the right customers, and this increases patronage and helps in scaling your business.

Things to avoid when scaling

  • Scaling up should be a process and not an event, and it should be done gradually to avoid being overwhelmed by the outcome.
  • Don’t try your hands on many things at a time; instead, stay focused on your core business duties.
  • Don’t use an old business plan as you try to scale. You build a business based on your business plan. As you try to scale, you need to also update the business plan to suit your new ambition.

Wrapping up

Scaling your business is crucial in meeting current demand and taking advantage of market potential. That notwithstanding, you should do it with care. Put proper measures in place and, if possible, hire a professional to take charge of the process. You can also use the above points as a guide.


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