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12 Ways to Make Extra Cash Now

Sometimes life brings us unexpected circumstances. A financial hiccup can disrupt our lives, but it doesn’t have to.

12 Ways to Make Extra Cash Now

There are dozens of ways to start earning additional income or make a little extra cash on the side. From participating in focus groups to donating plasma, let’s take a look at several exciting options.

  • Sell Your Wedding Dress Online

Has your wedding dress been hanging in your closet since your wedding? Instead of collecting dust, you can easily collect cash. Selling your wedding dress could easily earn you a few thousand dollars.

  • Don’t Wait to Start Spring Cleaning

Not only is clearing out your house going to make you feel better, but you may also have some items that are worth a pretty penny. Do a deep clean and set aside items you no longer use or that are taking up too much space.

Use Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or NextDoor to list your items. They’ll probably sell faster than you think.

  • Focus Groups

Studies are constantly being done where participants are needed. Furthermore, these studies are often paid. Focus groups are a great way to make a quick buck and there are websites out there to help you find them such as FocusGroup.com.

  • Start a Side Business

You may already have a skill many people are looking for. Through third-party websites, companies seek skilled individuals for temporary contract work.

Whether it’s content writing, graphic design, photography, or even voice-over acting, there could be something out there for you to start your own business.

  • Open a New Bank Account

While it’s not recommended to open a bunch of new credit cards (you’re trying to make money not lose money after all), there is an alternative that could earn you a few hundred dollars.

Many banks offer cash incentives for people who open a new checking account with their company. Some are even upwards of $500 depending on how much money you initially deposit.

  • Donate Plasma

We understand this type of way to make money isn’t for everyone. But for those who can, it’s a lifegiving way to make upwards of $400 each month.

Donating plasma is similar to giving blood, but instead, the plasma is taken from the blood cells and the blood is then returned into your body through a process called plasmapheresis.

  • Walk Dogs on Rover

Anyone with a love for animals will enjoy Rover. This app makes it simple to connect with people in your neighborhood who need someone to walk their dog or even board them overnight. The average dog walker can make anywhere from $25 to $45 per walk.

  • Make Your Car a Driving Advertisement

Have you ever driven on the highway and seen a car with an advertisement on it? Well, this could be you! Platforms such as Wrapify or Sticker will pay you to put ads on your vehicle. While this side hustle is best for people with long daily commutes, it’s still a way to make extra passive income.

  • Deliver Groceries

With apps like Instacart or Shipt, you can make money simply by grocery shopping. It’s a simple process. You receive someone’s grocery order through the app. You take their place at the grocery store to shop for them.

Deliver the groceries and your job is complete. It’s a great way to make some side income because you can set your hours and work as much as you want.

  • Rent Your Car with Turo

A new wave of car rentals has hit the market. Instead of renting a vehicle from a major corporation, people can now offer their car to be rented on an app called Turo.

It allows for a more affordable way for people to rent a vehicle while still providing proper insurance for the driver and owner.

  • Drive for Uber or Lyft

Not ready to rent your car but still want to find some use for it? Uber and Lyft are great alternatives. While these have been around for a while, more people are seeing the value in being rideshare drivers. So much so that many people are quitting their jobs and making this a full-time career.

  • Review for Gift Cards

You won’t find a website out there that will necessarily pay you directly for reviewing their products. However, they’ll pay you with gift cards such as Amazon (which can virtually be treated as cash with as much stuff you can get from this website).

Review companies will ask you to submit your reviews and in return provide you with a free $5 to $15 gift card to businesses like Amazon or Starbucks.

The only catch is that your review has to be accepted for posting. Don’t bother spamming out poorly written reviews. These companies will want something of substance.


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