Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hot Topic Tuesday - New VBTC Feature

Everyone has frustrations, either in blogging, writing, or marketing. From engaging your audience, building a solid reader base to what you should do first in the publication process and editing. We are here to help you succeed in every aspect.

Every Tuesday we will do a blog post on topics that are presented by bloggers. Topics will can include blogging, writing, social marketing, and promotion tips. Whatever you want to be a topic, I will post on it.

If you would like to submit a topic for us to discuss, please send email to bkwalkerbooks@comcast.net with "Hot Topic Tuesday" in the subject line. Let me know what you're having trouble with or problem/concern you would like me to address and we will do a blog post about it.

Today's Topic - 11 Ways to Engage Your Blog Audience

1. Decide for sure what your blog is going to be about. Is it a book blog, product blog, news blog, etc. Pick your niche and stick with it.

2. Blog frequently. When I say frequently, I mean daily to every other day. The more you blog, posting articles about topics that your readers followed you to learn about, the more your readers will be apt to comment and "engage" with you. Maybe once you get a good relationship with your readers, you can go down to blogging once or twice a week instead of daily to every other day.

3. Do a couple of weekly features. If you're not sure what to do - hop on over to www.immortylcafe.com and click on the tab in the menu - Weekly Features. This will give you plenty of ideas for features when your lacking articles.

4. Visit your readers blogs and leave a comment. People love comments, but if you never comment on their blog, you can't expect them to comment on yours. Scratch their back, they will scratch yours.

5. Use your social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, etc. Let people know about your posts. Invite them to come check it out. You never know when you may even get a new follower. Don't forget to share your posts on Facebook too, link up with Networked Blogs and your posts will automatically go onto your Facebook stream and on whoever is follow you on that stream.

6. Did I mention to blog frequently?

7. Use a Call To Action -

  • How Are We Doing? - ask your readers how they are liking your content, ask what they would prefer to see
  • Grab a Copy or Giveaway - let them know you are offering them something of value
  • Don't Click This Link - tempt them
  • Take Our Quiz/Poll - invite them to participate (best book, what you should read next, what you should post next or topic you should cover, etc.)
  • Subscribe Now for Free Tips - Give them a way to stay updated on your posts , or let them know they can get weekly or monthly tips from a newsletter. They can subscribe to you via your newsletter signup form or RSS Posts.
  • Which is the best (insert topic here) - invite their opinion about something you're trying to make a decision on.

8. Keep Post Titles Interesting, Fun, & Intriguing - try to keep your post titles short and inviting.
  • Hanging Out with (guest blogger name here) - let them know who's appearing and what you're doing together [Hanging at Moe's Bar with Andrea DiGiglio]
  • Chatting with (guest blogger name here) - [Chatting with author Greg Kiser - inSyte]
  • Have you Dragoned Yet? Andread DiGiglio tells all

9. Make opening statements fun, interesting and draw them in in the first two to three sentences -
  • Have you Dragoned yet? Not sure what that is? Me either. Dragon is not a mystical creature, but a talk to computer program designed to automatically type what you speak. Today my guest, author Andread DiGiglio tells us exactly what Dragon is. (I use this as Andrea just did a guest post on Dragon, and it's on my wishlist.)

10. Make sure you have "Share This" buttons easily available for your readers to share. There is nothing I hate more than finding a good post, and having to look around for a way to share it. If you need instructions on how to add this to your blog, email me.

11. Make commenting easy - my favorite is to either add Disqus to your blog, or you can make your comment window be a pop-up. In blogger - go to settings, comments, then scroll down until you see Comment Form Placement then click on "Pop-up". You can still leave your word verification on to help keep spammers out. In Wordpress - just add Disqus from your dashboard.

Once you get a pattern down, you should start seeing an increase of followers and interaction. I'd love to hear from you, whether you have something to add or if this is even of any help to you. So give it to me baby!

Happy Valentine's Day


Feather Stone said...

Thank you for the interesting info regarding acquiring more followers. I'm new at this - didn't know anything about blogging until my first book was published end of Sept 2011. Still learning every day. You mentioned there is a way to give my blog readers a 'share' button. How do I make this?
Feather Stone

BK Walker said...

Hi Feather,

Thank you for stopping in. I will email you the instructions on how to include the Share buttons for your readers.